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Convenient Comfort

Air mattresses are a great solution for guests when you don't have a guest bedroom or the space to store a guest bed. Instead of an expensive and uncomfortable pull-out couch, simply store a deflated air mattress in a closet and inflate it when you have guests staying overnight. Air mattresses are also great for sleepovers, sick family members, and traveling. When your son or daughter has a friend sleeping over, or if your child is sleeping over at a friend's house, it is easy to set up the air mattress in the bedroom. If a family member is sick who usually shares a bed or a room, instead of someone sleeping on the couch, just blow up the air mattress. If you're traveling, you may need an extra mattress for a hotel room or not have a mattress at all out camping. You can easily transport an air mattress for comfort and convenience. Air mattresses can be convenient in all sorts of situations, and at our rock-bottom prices you can't go wrong with having one tucked away in your home.