Best Mattress for Allergy Sufferers

mattress for people with allergies

Lay Your Allergies to Rest

Thousands of people suffer from allergies of some sort. From seasonal stuffy noses to daily antihistamine doses, all types of allergy sufferers know how difficult it can be to get deep, restful sleep while you're battling itchy eyes, asthma, and congestion. No matter how severe your allergies are, your mattress can greatly affect how you sleep. Mattresses that allow for the growth of bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens can leave sufferers with no sense of relief. If you've ever struggled with sleep-preventing allergies, then you know how difficult it is to operate functionally throughout the day. Fortunately, many of today's mattresses feature technologies that foster a supportive, comfortable, and healthy sleeping environment.

Our Expert Recommendations

In this selection, you'll find the mattresses that our experts feel are best equipped to help allergy sleepers get deep, uninterrupted sleep. If you're not sure which type of mattress is best for your particular allergies, or if you don't know which will support your sleeping style the best, then don't hesitate to dial 1-800-455-1052 to speak with one of our friendly mattress experts who will gladly help you find the perfect mattress for you. Don't let your allergies get in the way of your sleep, and find your new mattress today!

Our Best Mattresses for Allergy Sufferers

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Reg $4898 | 50% OFF
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Reg $3898 | 50% OFF
from $1,549.00
Reg $2898 | 50% OFF
from $1,249.00
Reg $2348 | 50% OFF

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