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best kids mattress

Mattresses and Growing Bodies

While its true that children quickly outgrow shoes, clothes, and other items, they don't necessarily outgrow their mattresses. In fact, children sleep on the same bed for a significant amount of time, typically for most of their formative years, and likely through their teen years. That means you need a high quality mattress that will last for at least 10 years. Select the best mattress for kids that will nurture and cradle them during the important developmental years, and also carry them through later growth stages.

Support is Key

While durability is important, support is the greatest factor you should consider when purchasing the best mattress for kids. As a growing child's body undergoes constant physical change, it needs a mattress that will provide adequate back support. Every mattress you'll find at US-Mattress provides solid support and comfort, but some perform better than others. What kind of sleeper is your child? Back, side, stomach, or a combination? Does your child complain about pains when he or she wakes up? Consider various factors when determining the best mattress for your child. If he or she is old enough, you should ask about sleep preferences to get a better idea of your child's needs. Older children probably have a good idea of what type of sleeper they are.

High Quality Mattresses for High Quality Sleep

Remember, while you may be tempted to buy an inexpensive, "it'll do for now" mattress, consider the impact that sleep has on your child's growing body. The better quality of the mattress, the better quality of your child's sleep. Adequate, restful sleep is vital to a child's health. Do your part to ensure a healthy growth period for your child by purchasing a supportive, comfortable mattress.

Our Best Kids Mattresses

Perfect Sleeper
from $683.00
Reg $1819 | 50% + 25% OFF
Posturepedic Plus
from $774.00
Reg $2379 | 50% + 35% OFF
Comfort Care
from $599.00
Reg $1597 | Save 50% OFF + 25% OFF
from $720.00
Reg $1919 | 50% + 25% OFF
Cool Reflections
from $518.00
Reg $1379 | 50% OFF
Perfect Sleeper
from $514.00
Reg $1369 | 50% + 25% OFF
Back Supporter
from $499.00
Reg $998 | 50% OFF
Perfect Sleeper
from $449.00
Reg $1379 | 50% + Rollback
from $528.00
Reg $1319 | 50% + 20% OFF
from $528.00
Reg $1319 | 50% + 20% OFF
Perfect Sleeper
from $443.00
Reg $1179 | 50% + 25% off
from $416.00
Reg $1039 | 50% + 20% off
Perfect Sleeper
from $390.00
Reg $1039 | 50% + 25% off
from $308.00
Reg $819 | 50% OFF
from $308.00
Reg $819 | 50% + 25% OFF
from $289.00
Reg $769 | 50% OFF

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