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Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Positioned for Healthy Sleep

Lying on your side is possibly the most common sleeping position, and it has many health benefits. It takes pressure off of your back, keeps your joints in a neutral position, and can eliminate snoring. Sleeping on your left side can reduce heartburn, making side sleeping a helpful position for those with acid reflux disease. Side sleeping is also the best sleeping position for pregnant women because it encourages blood flow.

Avoid Firm Mattresses

If you sleep on your side and find that you wake up with shoulder or hip pain, your mattress may not be providing enough support. More often than not, this kind of discomfort is cause by a mattress that's too firm. When you lie on your side, your spine rests in its natural position, so these people need a side sleeper mattress that conforms to support the natural curvature of the body. Softer mattresses generally conform better, but some firm mattresses with pillow or euro tops can provide conforming comfort as well.

Don't Forget About Your Neck

Keeping your head elevated is vital for ensuring proper neck alignment, but if your pillow is too thick, it can be just as bad as not having one at all. You'll want a pillow that supports your head without putting your neck at an uncomfortable angle to your spine. Special contour pillows are available to accommodate side sleepers.

Our Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Beautyrest Black
from $3,644.00
Reg $8098 | 50% + 10% OFF
from $2,549.00
Reg $4898 | 50% OFF
Lux Estate
from $2,074.00
Reg $5348 | 50% + 10% OFF
Beautyrest Recharge Hybrid
from $1,583.00
Reg $4689 | 50% + Rollback
Natura Latex
from $1,499.00
Reg $2998 | 50% OFF
Lux Estate Hybrid
from $2,137.00
Reg $4748 | 50% + 10% OFF
Posturepedic Select
from $1,124.00
Reg $3209 | 50% + 30% OFF
from $1,149.00
Reg $2498 | Save 50% + Rollback!
Posturepedic Select
from $855.00
Reg $2279 | 50% + 25% OFF
Posturepedic Plus
from $878.00
Reg $2699 | 50% + 35% OFF
from $604.00
Reg $1509 | 50% + 20% OFF
from $465.00
Reg $1239 | 50% + 25% OFF

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