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Gel Foam Mattresses

Gel Foam Mattresses

You may have heard of them, but what is a gel foam mattress exactly? Gel foam mattresses take different foams (such as memory foam and latex foam) and combine them with performance gels to achieve better pressure relief, more efficient temperature regulation, and other benefits. Foam mattresses were a huge breakthrough in the mattress industry, and gel foam mattresses are the evolution of that technology.

Early renditions of memory foam mattresses suffered from heat retention issues. The dense foam material had a habit of trapping and absorbing body heat which raised the temperature of the mattress throughout the night. For many people, a warm mattress is not conducive to good sleep and this drawback hindered the excellence of memory foam mattresses. Gel memory foam mattresses were an early and effective solution to this problem, as the gel-blended foam conducted and dissipated heat much more efficiently than memory foam by itself. Since then, a variety of mattress gels have been specially created to provide the best temperature control, pressure relief, and motion reduction to fine-tune and improve the performance of the already impressive memory foams, latex foams, and other foams.

The cooling effect of gel and the many features of memory foam work well together, so a mattress with gel foam is a great option to consider. These two expertly designed mattress materials work together to closely conform to your unique curves and provide you with customized comfort. We carry a wide selection of gel foam mattresses from reputable brands like Sealy, Serta, Simmons, and more. Today, there are a wide variety of gel foam mattresses available in a range of price points and with a plethora of features and comforts to suit your specific needs. If you are looking for a mattress that utilizes the latest in comfort technology, you'll want to check out gel foam mattresses.

  • Gel foam mattresses boast improved pressure relief and durability
  • Gel-infused foam drastically improves temperature regulation
  • Major brands continue to develop new, advanced gel foams
  • Different gel/foam combinations offer fine-tuned comfort and support