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Home > Mattresses > Memory Foam Mattresses > Serta iComfort > icomfort comfort scale

Serta iComfort Comfort Scale

Serta iComfort Comfort Scale®

The Serta iComfort 10 Point Scale: It's Easy to Use

Serta iComfort mattresses are categorized on the 10 point Comfort Scale®. It's important to understand the difference between support and comfort, as the comfort of a mattress is unrelated to the support your body receives from the inner structure.

1: The Firmest Mattresses

A Serta iComfort mattress with a rating of 1 would give you the feeling of sleeping on your living room's carpeted floor. A rating of 1 doesn't really exist in bedding today, but it is very possible that, with advancing mattress technology, this level of hardness will become a reality. For now, consider it as a reference point at the base of the Comfort Scale.

2 to 4: Hard, Like Sleeping on a Carpeted Floor

If you can sleep comfortably on your living room floor without suffering aches and pains when you wake up, then a Serta iComfort mattress with a Comfort Scale rating of 2 to 4 will be ideal for you. These mattresses feel hard to very hard.

4.5 to 6.5: Mid-Range, a Good Compromise

Serta iComfort Mattresses in this category are great if you are in-between the other comfort ratings or if your partner and you prefer opposite ends of the Comfort Scale. Mattresses in this range make a great "compromise" mattress. If you just don't have a preference, then a Comfort Scale rating of 4.5 to 6.5 is a good choice for you.

7 to 9: Conforming Softness

Do you find yourself trying to increase the softness of your current mattress with a down feather mattress pad? Do you love the way a waterbed feels? If so, you'll find the most satisfaction in a Serta iComfort mattress with a Comfort Scale rating of 7 to 9. These beds are very soft. They are usually pillow tops, but some plush beds can be in this category too.

10: Super Soft

A mattress with a rating of 10 would give you the sensation of sleeping on a cloud. Obviously, this is impossible. Use the 10 rating as a reference point for the softest mattress you could possibly have.

Serta iComfort Mattress Sets We Offer Ranked by Comfort

Mattress Set Style Comfort Scale
Insight Everfeel Gel Infused Memory Foam 2.5
Genius Everfeel Gel Infused Memory Foam 2
Savant Everfeel Cushion Firm Gel Infused Memory Foam 3.5
Savant Everfeel Plush Gel Infused Memory Foam 6.5
Inception Gel Infused Memory Foam 4
Prodigy Everfeel Gel Infused Memory Foam 5.5
Acumen Gel Infused Memory Foam 6
Acumen Firm Gel Infused Memory Foam 1
Reinvention Gel Infused Memory Foam 4
Epic Gel Infused Memory Foam 7

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