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Mattresses for Relieving Joint Pain and Arthritis

Contouring Support

reduce joint pain Your mattress has the potential to improve or exacerbate joint pain and arthritis. While the right mattress can grant you deep, restorative sleep to bring you a night of relief and less pain in the morning, the wrong mattress can leave you suffering through a night of discomfort and waking with pain and soreness. But how do you know which mattress is right for your situation?

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The answer to that question depends on several factors, but the #1 concern is finding a mattress that effectively contours to your body so as to support every curve. With too firm of a mattress, the small of your back may stay raised and becomes a focal point for pressure, leading to lower back pain. With too soft of a mattress, you may sink in too much and cause an unnatural bend in your neck or back. Depending on your sleeping position and comfort preferences, the exact type of mattress will vary, but it is universal that a mattress that contours properly to your body will reduce joint pain.

As with every medical condition, you should consult your doctor regularly if you suffer from joint pain or arthritis. We encourage you to get your doctor's opinion about what mattress is best for you. Our mattress experts can take your doctor's recommendations and help you find the mattress that will best suit your needs.

In many cases, adjustable bases can also help relieve joint pain and arthritis. By allowing your body to rest in a more natural, less rigid position throughout the night, your joints can relax to reduce pain and pressure.

Pain and Pressure Reducing Mattresses

In the selection below, you will find the mattresses that our experts feel are best suited for those who suffer from joint pain and arthritis. These mattresses provide the support your body needs to ensure you maintain a healthy sleep posture throughout the night. These mattresses also feature quality comfort materials to cushion your body as well as support it. If you have any questions about these mattresses, or if you're unsure which type of mattress will best suit your needs, you can speak with one of our friendly mattress experts by calling 1-800-455-1052. With years of experience, our experts have the tools necessary to help you find the perfect mattress for you.

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Our Best Mattresses to Help Ease Joint Pain and Arthritis

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Silver Plush Mattress
Posturepedic Hybrid
from $1,274.00
Free Delivery
Posturepedic Plus
from $670.00
Free Delivery
Serta Perfect Sleeper Regal Suite Pillowtop Mattress
Perfect Sleeper
from $649.00
Free Delivery
Sealy Posturepedic Cooper Mountain III Plush Mattress
from $590.00
Free Delivery
Serta Perfect Sleeper Silver Suite Supreme Pillowtop Mattress
Perfect Sleeper
from $536.00
Free Delivery
Sealy Posturepedic Mountain Ridge III Plush Euro Top Mattress
from $604.00
Free Delivery
Serta Perfect Sleeper Belltower Super Pillow Top Mattress
Perfect Sleeper
from $404.00
Free Delivery

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