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King Mattresses

King size mattresses are the largest of the standard mattress sizes. They measure 76- by 80-inches, providing spacious comfort even for couples sharing the bed. Being the largest size, the King size is usually the most expensive of any given model. But because of the popularity of the King, the value when you look at cost per square inch is usually second only to the Queen size. That means for your money, you are actually getting more with the King mattress than most of the smaller sizes. And with an investment like a mattress, getting a good value and a good comfort is much more important than comparing initial price tags.

As the largest of the standard mattress sizes, the King is ideal for couples where one or both partners are active sleepers, causing them to disrupt the other sleeper in smaller beds. The King size is almost exactly the width of two Twin XL size beds put side by side, meaning plenty of space on each sleeper's half of the bed. So whether you're looking for a good value, extra space, or just the most luxurious sleep possible, King mattresses are the largest size commonly manufactured and the epitome of comfort in the master bedroom.