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Latex Mattress Purchasing a new mattress can be intimidating, especially if you're purchasing a new type of mattress. In order to give you a better picture of what you can expect from the various latex foam mattresses on the market, we have collected our most popular latex mattresses below, complete with customer reviews so you can see what real people like you liked and disliked about these mattresses.

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At the bottom of the page you will find overviews of our most popular latex mattress collections so you can see what differentiates the different brands and find the benefits that are most suited for your sleeping needs.

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Top-Rated Mattresses

Sealy Optimum Latex Brasswood Mattress
from $1,949.00
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Sealy Optimum Latex Meadowcrest Mattress
from $1,449.00
Free Delivery
Sealy Optimum Latex Dreams Mattress
from $1,174.00
Free Delivery

Latex Foam Mattress Collection Overviews

Our most popular latex mattress brands are Sealy and Spring Air, both of which have a long history of creating innovative, high-quality mattresses. Learn more about their latex mattress collections as well as the company Natura:

Sealy Optimum Latex Foam Mattresses

Sealy Posturepedic combined temperature control, comfort, support, and latex to create the Optimum sleep experience. OptiCool Gel Latex Foam is combined with Outlast material to maintain ideal sleep temperature throughout the night. OptiSense Latex Foam cradles and gently conforms to the body to produce a truly unique sleep experience. And finally, Sealy's patent pending OptiCore is designed to deliver support that's a cut above the competition. If you want to go with a trusted name for your latex mattress, Sealy Optimum is a great choice.
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Spring Air Back Supporter Latex Foam Mattresses

The Back Supporter collection from Spring Air features premium latex foam that conforms to every curve of the body while helping to eliminate pressure points. Spring Air's patented BioMax foam core delivers unique pressure relief and lumbar support, ensuring deep, undisturbed sleep that enables you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of each day. Spring Air's latex mattresses are made with the environment in mind, so you can be sure that every component from top to bottom is recognized as having a positive impact on the environment. Spring Air's latex foam is better for our planet and better for your sleep.
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