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Memory Foam Mattress Types

Traditional, AirCool, and Gel Memory Foam

Traditional Memory Foam Mattresses

As made famous by Tempur-Pedic in the 1990s, traditional memory foam is the most popular type. And there's good reason for this.
  • Memory foam has a substantially different feeling than a typical innerspring mattress. The traditional memory foam mattresses reduce pressure points and conform to the body. Less pressure increases blood circulation and enables better sleep.
  • Traditional memory foam promotes a healthier sleep environment since it is anti-dust mite and anti-microbial. This is especially important for people suffering from allergies since a mattress plays a big role in how well they breathe the next day.
  • Memory foam mattresses drastically reduce motion transfer. If you are in bed next to a restless sleeper, the memory foam mattress will limit how much of his or her motion gets transferred to your side of the bed.
  • Lastly, memory foam is very durable. The majority of warranties on mattresses require a 1.5 inch body indentation before they are labeled as defective, whereas most traditional memory foam mattresses only need .5 inch indentation.
  • Traditional memory foam mattresses aren't for everyone. Some sleepers feel that they retain too much heat, as traditional memory foam tends to store more body heat than other kinds of mattresses. Also, since traditional memory responds slowly, some customers experience what they call a "quicksand" effect. Be sure to keep in mind these minor drawbacks when deciding which memory foam type is right for you.

AirCool Memory Foam Mattresses

AirCool (Formerly known as NXG) foam shares a lot in common with traditional memory foam: It's great at reducing pressure and motion transfer. It is anti-microbial and anti-dust mite. It also carries a fantastic warranty, (Some as high as 25 years!), but that is where the similarities end.
  • AirCool memory foam responds much faster than traditional memory foam, and thus, virtually eliminates the quicksand feeling reported by some customers.
  • Also, the open cell structure of AirCool Memory Foam enables better airflow and less heat retention.
  • AirCool is a little softer than traditional memory foam, so it's perfect for those who like a lofty comfort level.

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

Like its predecessors, gel memory foam mattresses reduce pressure and diminish motion transfer. Gel mattresses are anti-microbial, anti-dust mite, and also include an unbeatable warranty. Gel memory foam mattresses differ from traditional memory foam mattresses because they are infused with the same kind of gel often found in shoe sole inserts and sports equipment. Gel foam mattresses are great for a number of reasons.
  • Gel memory foam is more durable than traditional memory foam.
  • Even though all varieties of foam mattresses are great for decreasing pressure, gel-infused foam is often thought to be even better.
  • Gel foam mattresses are often known for having a very solid, supportive feel.

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