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What are Pocketed Springs?

What Is a Pocketed Spring?

Also known as wrapped coils, encased coils, encased springs, or Marshall coils, pocketed springs are designed to provide proper support while transferring very little motion. While traditional coil systems have springs that are wired together, the springs in a pocketed coil system are individually wrapped in fabric encasements and perform independently from one another. This design allows each pocketed spring to react as needed, responding quickly to movement and conforming to the contours of your body.

The Art of Staying Asleep

Just because you change positions during the night doesn't mean that your partner has to. Most sleepers move somewhere between 3 and 36 times in a single night. If you share a bed, that's a lot of potential disturbances. The coils of a traditional innerspring mattress are attached in some way, which means any motion will be felt throughout the entire mattress. That's why mattresses with encased spring systems are precisely designed to reduce motion transfer. Because the springs aren't connected, each works independently, meaning weight applied to any one spring will minimally affect the surrounding springs. That's the secret to enjoying restful, undisturbed sleep.

Why Is Undisturbed Sleep So Important?

It is recommended that most adults receive roughly 7 hours of QUALITY sleep per night. If you think lying down and setting your alarm for 8 hours later is enough, it may not be. It only takes a few disturbances to break your sleep cycle and prevent your brain and body from ever entering the deep sleep needed to fully recuperate. Minimizing these disturbances with a pocketed innerspring system is one way to greatly improve the quality of your sleep.

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