Best Mattresses for Poor Circulation

Causes of Poor Circulation

adjustable beds When sufficient blood flow doesn't reach every part of your body, you may experience loss of feeling, stiffness, pain, or limbs that have fallen asleep. There are many causes of poor circulation. Some are as simple as clothing that's too tight or an unhealthy sleeping posture. There are, however, some serious health problems that can cause or arise as the result of poor circulation. If you're experiencing problems with circulation, we encourage you to speak with your doctor to get his or her opinion about the best treatment for your condition. If your doctor has any mattress or other sleeping suggestions, let us know and we'll keep that in mind while we help you select your new mattress.

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Adjustable bases have also proven effective at improving circulation and sleep posture. If you have any questions about whether an adjustable base is right for you, let us know.

Softer is Usually Better

Pressure can block blood from properly flowing to areas of the body. In order to prevent this, pressure reduction can be one of the first solutions to relieve symptoms and improve blood flow. Softer mattresses are usually better suited for this, as they tend to cushion the body and distribute pressure more evenly. While a firm mattress well-suited to your body and sleeping style may also work, firmer mattresses have a higher chance of creating high-pressure areas than can hinder circulation. At the very least, you'll want to see some pressure relieving comfort layers near the top of the mattress, such as memory foam or latex, regardless of the overall Comfort Scale rating of that model.

Our Expert Recommendations

This section contains mattresses that our experts believe do the best job of helping those who suffer from sleep related circulation problems. If you're not sure what type of mattress is best suited for your individual needs, then you can speak with one of our friendly mattress experts by calling 1-800-455-1052. With years of experience helping sleepers with a wide variety of health conditions and support needs, our experts have the tools necessary to help you find the perfect mattress.

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Our Best Mattresses to Counteract Poor Circulation

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