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Comfortable Sleeping Temperature

Sleeping Too Hot?

Maintaining a neutral temperature throughout the night is a vital component to a healthy night a sleep. The temperature of your bedroom matters, but so does your mattress.

After comfort and support, a mattress's heat retention is probably the most important aspect to consider when shopping for a new model. Mattresses perform differently in this regard, depending on the materials they contain.

Wool: Natural, Breathable Comfort

There's a reason we've been shearing sheep for thousands of years. Wool retains air between its fibers, making it a great insulator. At the same time, the unique makeup of wool fiber allows vapor to pass through, while acting as a barrier to water. This is why wool keeps you warm without being stifling. Sealy and Stearns & Foster use wool in the quilt of their mattresses for a breathable comfort.

Foam and Latex: Cool and Conforming

If you're considering an alternative to an innerspring mattress, there are two popular types you're likely to encounter: Memory foam mattresses (visco), and latex mattresses. While both materials make great mattresses, each behaves a bit differently. Memory foam is great for reducing pressure points, but because it is a dense material, it tends to retain slightly more heat.

Like memory foam, latex is an excellent pressure reliever, but it tends to be more breathable than polyurethane-based foams like memory foam. Latex mattresses are available in both natural and synthetic styles.

Shop Mattresses to Regulate Temperature

Whether you prefer the traditional support of an innerspring, or the unique comfort of foam or latex, quality mattresses are designed to keep you from sleeping hot. Find your ideal comfort using our Comfort Scale, and stay cool with the mattress that's right for you.

Mattress Ratings

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