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About Restonic

Hitting the hay since 1938

For over 75 years, Restonic has been providing consumers with superior sleep. Restonic's Marvelous Middle reinforces the center third of the mattress with additional coils for improved support to the crucial lower back area. These added coils allow each Restonic mattress to provide up to 25% more support than mattresses with traditional innerspring systems, making Restonic mattresses ideal for those who suffer from waking up with a sore or stiff back. The Marvelous Middle technology has been shown to reduce sagging and prolong the comfort life of the mattress, so you can expect a Restonic mattress to maintain its showroom level of comfort for longer than their competition. All Restonic mattresses are made in the United States.

Restonic is guided by the principle that getting a good night's sleep is a right, not a privilege. Every Restonic mattress is crafted from higher-quality materials with a greater attention to detail than comparably priced mattresses from other manufacturers. Restonic boasts a large list of awards including multiple Consumers Digest Best Buy Awards and Women's Choice Awards. US-Mattress offers Restonic mattresses at the best prices available anywhere, online or in-store. We offer a wide selection of models in a range of comfort levels and price points so every sleeper can find a Restonic mattress perfect for their needs.

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