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Sealy Full XL Mattresses

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Sealy Full XL Mattresses

The success of the Sealy brand has made it a household name. If you are shopping around for a new mattress, chances are you will come across many of the excellent models produced by Sealy. As one of the top three mattress manufacturers in the world, Sealy produces all kinds of mattresses and bedding products. If you are in the mattress market for the uncommon Full XL size, Sealy would be a good bet for finding what you need at a good price.

The Full size XL mattress is the least common of the seven standard mattress sizes. A Full XL mattress provides the width of a Full mattress coupled with the longer length of a Queen size. Full XL mattresses are five inches longer than a standard Full (or Double) size mattress, or six inches narrower than a Queen. This makes it a great size for tall sleepers. Although a Full XL size mattress is long, it is not wide enough for couples to share. For this reason, most customers would simply opt for the more common Queen size, especially since the price difference is usually negligible. The Queen is also much better suited for sharing, and the Full XL is technically designed for tall single sleepers (those six inches make a difference!). But if your bed or room is better suited for a Full XL size, Sealy has plenty of options for you.

With their many different collections, Sealy has Full XL mattresses for any type of sleeper. Whether you want an affordable mattress for students in their dorm, a spacious mattress for a single sleeper, or a mattress for tall sleepers to accommodate your growing teen, you can find a variety of comforts and price points to suit your requirements. So if you are in the market for something specific, like the Full size XL mattress, and want quality comfort and support at a good value, check out all that Sealy has to offer!

  • 53 x 80 inches
  • 5 inches longer than Full size
  • 6 inches narrower than Queen size
  • Largest single sleeper size
  • Great for big and tall individuals
  • Not recommended for couples
  • Often same price as Queen size