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Sealy Logo Sealy is America's second leading mattress brand, and we have over 2,000 user-submitted reviews of their excellent mattresses. Below you will find the most popular and best rated models available from Sealy, complete with customer reviews so you can see what shoppers just like you liked and disliked about that specific model. You will also find more information on each individual product page like Comfort Scale rating, warranty, information, etc.

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At the bottom of the page you will find overviews of each of Sealy's collections to help you quickly narrow down which lines will work best for your budget and sleeping preferences. From the affordable Comfort Series to the top-of-the-line Hybrid Series, Sealy has a collection just right for everyone.

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Top-Rated Sealy Mattresses

Sealy Mattress Collection Overviews

sealy mattress reviewsSealy Posturepedic, Sealy Comfort Series, Sealy Optimum, and Sealy Hybrid are some of the top mattress lines in the country. We're proud to offer mattresses from each of these renowned collections at the lowest prices available anywhere:

Sealy Posturepedic

The Sealy Posturepedic mattress was designed in cooperation with leading orthopedic surgeons to provide correct support for your back. Posturepedic mattresses give your body the support it needs, allowing for better blood circulation and deeper, more restful sleep. Sealy's high-quality comfort materials ensure a long comfort life, and the Apex Coil System conforms to the body while providing deep down support. With more patents on mattress and foundation technologies than any other manufacturer, Sealy's Posturepedic is unparalleled.
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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Series

The Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Series combines two of Sealy's best sleep technologies into one exceptional mattress. The half foam/half spring design allows for temperature regulated comfort and pressure relief with the deep down support that you expect from Sealy Posturepedic. The Apex Coil System features individually wrapped coils that provide gentle support and transfer very little motion. OptiCool gel foam is combined with Outlast Material to achieve the ideal sleeping temperature, and Sealy's CoreSupport Center reinforces the center third of the mattress to provide enhanced support to the lower back. Get the benefits of both foam and an innerspring with the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid Series.
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Sealy Comfort Series

The Sealy Comfort Series is Sealy's entry-level latex foam collection. Latex foam is a resilient material that conforms to your unique body shape and weight. Latex gives you the feeling of sleeping on your mattress rather than in it. Beneath the top layer of latex, a firm core section inside the mattress provides the deep down support that is synonymous with Sealy. Sleepers who enjoy the conforming support of memory foam, but not the sinking feeling it creates, will love the Sealy Comfort Series.
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Sealy Optimum

Sealy Posturepedic combines temperature control, comfort, and support to create the Optimum sleep experience. OptiCool gel memory foam is combined with Outlast material to provide refreshing coolness. OptiSense memory foam creates a body-hugging feel for the ideal memory foam sleep experience. Additionally, Sealy's patent pending OptiCore is designed specifically to deliver support that's a cut above other memory foam mattresses. Sealy Optimum seeks to provide optimum comfort each and every night.
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