Sealy Durability Chart

How Long Can You Expect Your Sealy Mattress to Last?

Mattress life spans vary. Generally, a greater quantity of high quality comfort materials in a mattress determines how it feels, and also how long it will retain its original comfort. Some mattresses last much longer than others, but they all begin to show wear as the layers of comfort materials lose their resiliency and ability to provide and sustain comfort. When it's time to replace your mattress, you'll notice that it doesn't feel as comfortable as it once did, and you might also begin to develop back and neck pain.

The chart below lists the Sealy mattresses we sell; the queen set sale price; and the estimated cost-per-year to own. Please be advised that the least expensive mattress set does not necessarily have the lowest annual cost.

Sealy Mattresses We Offer Ranked by Durability

We carry all of the Sealy mattresses below.

Mattress Comfort Level Queen Mattress 50% Off Price Comfort Life Annual Cost
Bale Firm$4003 $133.33
Castra Firm$4655 $93.00
Hosta Firm$4995 $99.80
Hosta Plush$5445 $108.80
SarinEuro Top$5945 $118.80
Seward Plush$5955 $119.00
Hosta top Plush Euro Top$5995 $119.80
Inland Greens Firm$68410 $68.40
Boca Breeze Firm$69910 $69.90
Webster City Firm$82910 $82.90
Santa Paula Firm$99910 $99.90
Santa Paula Plush$99910 $99.90
Ocean Pointe Firm$104910 $104.90
Cooper Mountain II Cushion Firm$109410 $109.40
Cooper Mountain II Firm$109410 $109.40
Cooper Mountain II Plush$109410 $109.40
Santa Paula Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top$109410 $109.40
Santa Paula Plush Euro Pillow Top$109410 $109.40
Archer Glen Cushion Firm$112410 $112.40
Archer Glen Firm$112410 $112.40
Archer Glen Plush$112410 $112.40
Cooper Mountain II Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top$119910 $119.90
Cooper Mountain II Plush Euro Pillow Top$119910 $119.90
Archer Glen Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top$124910 $124.90
Archer Glen Plush Euro Pillow Top$124910 $124.90
Destiny Gold Soft$129910 $129.90
Coral Bay Cushion Firm$134910 $134.90
Warrenville Cushion Firm$134910 $134.90
Warrenville Firm$134910 $134.90
Warrenville Plush$134910 $134.90
WarrenvilleUltra Firm$134910 $134.90
Ability Firm$139910 $139.90
Warrenville Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top$147410 $147.40
Warrenville Plush Euro Pillow Top$147410 $147.40
Dreams Firm$159910 $159.90
Radiance Gold Soft$159910 $159.90
Barrett Court Cushion Firm$162410 $162.40
Barrett Court Plush$162410 $162.40
Barrett Court Cushion Firm Euro Pillow Top$169910 $169.90
Barrett Court Plush Euro Pillow Top$169910 $169.90
Inspiration Gold Soft$179910 $179.90
Inspiration Gold Soft$179910 $179.90
Meadowcrest Plush$179910 $179.90
Elation Gold Plush$229910 $229.90
Brasswood Firm$229910 $229.90
Newness Plush$279910 $279.90

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