Serta Durability

How Long Will My New Mattress Last?

Deep Sleep Mattress sets have varied life spans. Eventually, they all become noticeably less comfortable than they were originally. They begin to show wear as layers of comfort materials lose their resiliency and ability to make you comfortable. Back pain may also arise as a sign that your mattress should be replaced.

The quality and quantity of comfort materials in a mattress determine how it feels and how long it will retain its original comfort. The chart below lists Serta mattress sets we sell; the queen set sale price; and the estimated cost per year to own. Please note that the least expensive mattress set does not necessarily have the lowest annual cost.

Serta Mattress Sets Ranked by Durability

MattressSub BrandQueen PriceComfort LifeAnnual CostComfort Level
Wilmore FirmSertapedic$312 10$31.20 Firm
Glenlawn FirmSertapedic$360 10$36.00 Firm
Hutchings FirmPerfect Sleeper$390 10$39.00 Firm
Alimar Firm Perfect Sleeper$413 10$41.30 Firm
Alimar PlushPerfect Sleeper$413 10$41.30 Plush
Durrant FirmSertapedic$416 10$41.60 Firm
Queensferry FirmPerfect Sleeper$469 10$46.90 Firm
Queensferry PlushPerfect Sleeper$469 10$46.90 Plush
Gel Memory Foam LorabellePerfect Sleeper$516 10$51.60 Firm
Ashlyns Cove Super Pillow TopPerfect Sleeper$518 10$51.80 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Poplari Point FirmSertapedic$520 10$52.00 Firm
Poplari Point PlushSertapedic$520 10$52.00 Plush
Elite Fawnridge FirmPerfect Sleeper$620 10$62.00 Firm
Elite Fawnridge PlushPerfect Sleeper$620 10$62.00 Plush
Elite Fawnridge Pillow TopPerfect Sleeper$620 10$62.00 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Belltower FirmPerfect Sleeper$623 10$62.30 Firm
Sleeper Belltower PlushPerfect Sleeper$623 10$62.30 Plush
Belltower Super Pillow TopPerfect Sleeper$623 10$62.30 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Hotel Bronze Suite Supreme Double Sided PlushPerfect Sleeper$630 10$63.00 Plush
Hardwick FirmSertapedic$672 10$67.20 Firm
Hardwick PlushSertapedic$672 10$67.20 Plush
Hardwick Super Pillow TopSertapedic$672 10$67.20 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Hotel Silver Suite Supreme Double Sided PlushPerfect Sleeper$683 10$68.30 Plush
Gel Memory Foam KillingsworthPerfect Sleeper$724 10$72.40 Firm
Hotel Silver Suite Supreme PillowtopPerfect Sleeper$731 10$73.10 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Hotel Regal Suite Double Sided FirmPerfect Sleeper$776 10$77.60 Firm
Hotel Regal Suite Double Sided PlushPerfect Sleeper$776 10$77.60 Plush
Elite Rushcroft FirmPerfect Sleeper$826 10$82.60 Firm
Elite Rushcroft PlushPerfect Sleeper$826 10$82.60 Plush
Elite Rushcroft Super Pillow TopPerfect Sleeper$826 10$82.60 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Hotel Regal Suite PillowtopPerfect Sleeper$833 10$83.30 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Sapphire Suite Double Sided FirmPerfect Sleeper$855 10$85.50 Firm
Hotel Sapphire Suite Double Sided PlushPerfect Sleeper$855 10$85.50 Plush
Hotel Sapphire Suite Double Sided PillowtopPerfect Sleeper$926 10$92.60 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Elite Mendelson FirmPerfect Sleeper$928 10$92.80 Firm
Elite Mendelson PlushPerfect Sleeper$928 10$92.80 Plush
Elite Mendelson Super Pillow TopPerfect Sleeper$928 10$92.80 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Gel Memory Foam HowertonPerfect Sleeper$932 10$93.20 Firm
Elite Fairport Canyon Super Pillow TopPerfect Sleeper$954 10$95.40 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Vantage FirmiSeries$1,074 10$107.40 Firm
Vantage PlushiSeries$1,074 10$107.40 Plush
Merit Super Pillow TopiSeries$1,274 10$127.40 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Expression FirmiSeries$1,374 10$137.40 Firm
Approval Super Pillow TopiSeries$1,574 10$157.40 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Honoree Cushion FirmiSeries Profiles$1,774 10$177.40 Firm
Honoree Super Pillow TopiSeries Profiles$1,774 10$177.40 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Prominence FirmiSeries Profiles$2,274 10$227.40 Firm
Prominence Super Pillow TopiSeries$2,274 10$227.40 Pillow Top / Euro Top
Profiles Caliber Super Pillow TopiSeries Profiles$2,774 10$277.40 Pillow Top / Euro Top

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