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Stearns & Foster Customer Reviews: 4.3 Stars out of 5

Here is an analysis of Stearns & Foster mattress reviews submitted by our customers. These are real customers who bought a Stearns & Foster mattress from between January 2007 and December 2012. Our customers set aside the time to write these reviews, and we'd love to share what they had to say.

Top Rated Stearns & Foster Mattresses

Stearns & Foster Estate
East Cape Cushion Firm

Reg $3148

Sale $1417
Stearns & Foster Estate
East Cape Luxury Plush

Reg $3148

Sale $1417

Positive Stearns & Foster Reviews: Comfortable, Good Support, Soft Feel, and Holds Shape

With reviews from over 150 customer submissions, Stearns & Foster mattresses received an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Out of those 150+ customers who reviewed their purchase, 86% were mostly positive. The top 2 positives highlighted were comfortable and good support. Soft feel and shape retention were also common features that customers enjoyed.

The top benefits listed by most of our customers were:

Going into more detail, here are a few actual customer reviews:
  • "We've had for about 2 months now and couldn't be happier. The mattress is soft and very comfortable. My husband didn't like soft mattresses-or so he said-but he is now very happy with our purchase. Mattress has a very soft feel at first, but still feels very supportive."

    - Teacher Mary of New York and owner of a Stearns & Foster Romona Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop
  • "If you are looking for a very soft top, but still supportive foundation this is a great mattress. I could not believe I was buying a mattress online without actually trying it, but I lucked out on this one. "

    - Salamander of Minneapolis, MN and owner of a Stearns & Foster Suzette Luxury Plush Euro Pillowtop

Negative Stearns & Foster Mattress Reviews: Develops Cavity and Too Hard

Of the 150+ customers who submitted Stearns & Foster reviews, only 14% had complaints. Of those negative comments the majority dealt with the new Stearns & Foster mattress developing a cavity but then also it being too hard.

The main complaints listed by those dissatisfied customers were:

Our Perspective

The reality is that most comfort issues are quickly resolved. Here is our unique perspective on the most common issues.

Stearns & Foster mattress reviews

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About Stearns & Foster

As America's premiere bedding brand, Stearns & Foster has manufactured the most luxurious and lasting mattresses since 1846. Every Stearns & Foster mattress is built by certified craftsmen in a dedicated luxury cell, meaning that no other models can be built there. Additionally, every piece of material that goes into a Stearns & Foster mattress is rigorously tested to ensure top notch durability. By constructing their mattresses out of the best materials in the industry, Stearns & Foster delivers unprecedented comfort and quality that is unmatched by other brands. Their foam encased edge contains a border rod to provide the best edge support available, and each mattress has twice tempered, individually wrapped titanium alloy coils that deliver the perfect balance of comfort and support. Experience the quality you expect and the luxury you deserve with Stearns & Foster.

Since the beginning, Stearns & Foster has committed to focusing their efforts on creating the perfect blend of comfort and support by using the most cutting edge innovative technologies. Their twice tempered, individually wrapped titanium alloy coil systems conform to the curves of the body while providing exceptional motion transfer and individualised support, not unlike the coil system found in Beautyrest mattresses. This type of coil is the perfect answer for couples who struggle with motion transfer throughout the night. Also, Stearns & Foster Golden Elegance and Silver Dream mattresses feature the revolutionary Intellicoil Wrapped Titanium Innerspring, which is a dual stage coil within a coil design that provides initial contouring followed by deep down support. The Intellicoil expands upon the properties of their single stage coil and is far more durable, meaning that you can enjoy enhanced motion separation, maximum durability, and a longer comfort life. By committing to innovative technologies, Stearns & Foster maintains its coveted position as America's premier luxury bedding brand.

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