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Best Mattress For Stomach Sleeper Recommendations

Seek a Medium-Firm Comfort

best stomach sleeper mattressesThe best mattresses for stomach sleepers are those with a medium-firm level of comfort. If a mattress is too soft, it will cause you to arch your back as you sleep. If your mattress it too firm, then the lack of comfort materials may cause you to sleep with your spine in an unhealthy position. Stomach sleepers shopping with US-Mattress should narrow their search to mattresses that fall in the 3 to 6 range on our Comfort Scale. Mattresses that are neither excessively firm nor very soft will provide the right amount of support to your midsection and keep you from arching your spine as you sleep.

Keep Your Spine Supported

Sleeping on one's stomach may be the preferred position for many people, but it's not always the best way to sleep. Stomach sleepers can experience back pain due to poor spinal alignment while they sleep, so if you're a stomach sleeper, you should keep your spine in mind as you lie on your mattress. Since people typically carry most of their weight in the torso region, stomach sleepers may struggle with back pain and bad posture if they're not sleeping on the right mattress. If a sleeper doesn't maintain proper spinal alignment, then he or she will experience excessive tossing and turning throughout the night. Such disturbances limit the amount of time spent in REM sleep, so if stomach sleepers spend their nights on an unsupportive mattress over an extended period of time, they will most certainly notice the negative effects both physically and mentally. If you're a stomach sleeper, shop from the mattresses below to ensure that you enjoy nights of comfortably and healthy rest.

Our Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Stearns & Foster Estate
East Cape Luxury Firm Euro Pillowtop

Reg $3548

Sale $1597
Beautyrest Black
Ava luxury Firm
Queen Size Mattress
Reg $4098

50% + 10% off
Sale $1844

Sealy Optimum Latex

Reg $3998

50% off
Sale $1774

Serta iComfort Directions

Reg $3548

50% Off
Sale $1774

Stearns & Foster Signature
Poplar Hall Plush

Reg $2948

Sale $1327
Stearns & Foster Signature
Port Isabel Luxury Firm

Reg $2548

Sale $1147
Serta iSeries
Vantage Plush

Reg $2148
50% off
Sale $1074

Sealy Posturepedic Plus
Warrenville III Plush

Reg $2759

Sale $897

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel
Sapphire Suite Double Sided Plush

Reg $2198

50% + 25% off
Sale $824

Sealy Posturepedic
Cooper Mountain III Plush

Reg $1989

Sale $746

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