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Survey Results

Our surveys uncover the mattress and sleep preferences of people just like you.

Tempur Tops Results in Survey

We asked Americans, "How well do you usually sleep?" The results showed that Tempur-Pedic owners sleep the best.

Which Brands Men and Women Most Prefer

We asked men and women to rate the quality of sleep they receive from their mattresses.

Those Living in Rural Communities Get the Best Sleep

Our survey uncovered the sleep preferences of individuals living in rural, suburban, and urban areas.

Income Affects Brand Preference and Quality of Sleep

We surveyed individuals from different economic groups to find out how income affects sleep.

Age Affects Brand Preference and Quality of Sleep

We surveyed individuals to discover how sleep varies between age groups.

21% of Americans Would Pay $7,000 a Year for Better Sleep

We surveyed individuals from different economic groups to find out how valuable sleep is to them.

The Politics of Sleep

We surveyed people to find out how well they sleep at night based on political affiliation. Find out if Republicans, Democrats, or Independents get the best rest.

Millennials Suffer Most from Daylight Savings Time

We surveyed individuals after Daylight Savings Time to find out how they felt after the change.

Study Reveals Link between Cell Phone Habits and Poor Sleep

We conducted a survey to see if there was any correlation between quality of sleep depending on cell phone use before bed.

The Early Bird Does Not Necessarily Get the Worm

We worked with Google Surveys to ask America the question "What time do you usually wake up in the morning on weekdays?"

Study Shows Pet Owners Enjoy Better Sleep

We surveyed over 500 men and women to find out if sleeping with a pet in one's bed had any impact on the quality of sleep.

Voters' Quality of Sleep as Election Looms

We asked American voters about their sleep leading up to the 2016 presidential election.

How the 2016 Presidential Election Impacted Sleep

While the results of the after-election survey may not be surprising, the level of impact that the election had on people's sleep is.

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