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Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses were the leading technology for over 100 years, and these tried-and-true designs have been perfected to achieve cost-effectiveness, durability, and quality. While new mattress technologies like memory foam and latex have their own benefits, innerspring mattresses continue to account for a large percentage of the mattress market. You may think innerspring technology has been around for a long time and seems dated, but this technology has had over a century to evolve and be perfected by the reputable companies who have been making them for so many years. In fact, many consumers still prefer the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress over the different experience of memory foam and other materials. Hybrid mattresses are another new concept of recent years, combining new materials like memory foam with the irreplaceable advantages of an innerspring design.

What is an innerspring mattress exactly? An innerspring mattress utilizes a coil support system, usually made from steel, to provide contouring and support. Many different spring systems have been developed over the decades, with advantages ranging from durability and cost-effectiveness, to high-end comfort and motion transfer reduction. So, while choosing the affordability or traditional feel of the innerspring category can be an important decision, you'll still have many options available to you. Factors like coil count and pocketed vs tied coils can change the cost and performance of innerspring mattresses considerably.

Innerspring mattresses are popular among back sleepers for their ability to provide both contouring and back support simultaneously. While side and stomach sleepers can easily find innerspring mattresses that will work well for them, new materials like memory foam can be more conducive to those sleeping positions. But with the variety and sheer quantity of innerspring mattresses available, any type of sleeper at any price point can find a good match for their situation.

If you are unsure what kind of mattress to buy and want to do more research, you can check out our Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses page. If an innerspring option seems best for you, you can choose from a Sealy innerspring mattress, a Serta innerspring mattress, a Simmons innerspring mattress, and many other brands.

  • Innerspring mattresses are cost-effective
  • Available at every comfort level
  • Many still prefer the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress over foams
  • Back sleepers often prefer the mattress support of an innerspring system
  • Variety among innerspring systems
  • Tried-and-true designs from leading companies