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About Special Order Mattress Sizes

Special Order Sizes

custom mattressMattress sizes have varied throughout the years. There was probably a time in your parent's or grandparent's lives where the Twin size was for single sleepers and the Double (or Full size) was for couples, and that was it! In the 1950s, Simmons made popular the Queen and King size beds that are the standard for master bedrooms today.

The 3/4 bed size is another example of how mattress sizes have changed over the years. The 3/4 size was once so common that many customers are frustrated to find that most manufacturers no longer produce mattresses in that size. The technical size of a 3/4 bed is 48 inches wide by 75 inches long, somewhere between the width of a Twin and Full. But if you still have a 3/4 size bed, and need a 3/4 mattress for that bed, what are your options?

We offer several options for special ordering mattresses with custom dimensions, whether that be for a 3/4 size bed, non-standard antique bed frame, or other situation. You can still choose from a range of comforts to suit your personal preferences while getting the exact size you need down to the inch.

How to Measure Your Mattress

In the past, some manufactures made box springs that were smaller than the mattress, so it's very important that you measure the box spring and the mattress individually. (This applies to about 3% of 3/4 mattress owners.) If the mattress and the box spring are the same size, then you can go through the ordering process on our website. If your mattress and box springs are different sizes, then please contact us by phone or e-mail to order a different size box spring with your mattress.

Please be accurate when measuring for your new mattress size! Your purchase will be custom-made and, as such, cannot be returned. You alone are responsible for the sizes that you give us. Also, be aware that due to coil construction restrictions, some mattresses can vary up to 2 inches in either length or width. This may cause your mattress to measure up to 2 inches over or under the size you specified. When deciding upon your custom mattress, the manufacturer cannot cut a coil in half, so instead they will either remove the coils or add a new row, causing variations in size. This is unfortunate, but there is no way around it. It is generally better to shoot low and have an inch gap than to have your mattress not fit into the frame. Rest assured that the box spring will always be the exact size of your order.

Mattress Height

Today's average headboard is 54 inches tall. Today's average mattress set is 21 inches tall. Many 3/4 beds have lower headboard heights, and sometimes today's tall mattress sets cover most of the headboard and footboard. Unfortunately, this means that the mattress could cover the beauty of your antique bed. We've included the height of each mattress on each of the product pages so that you can consider mattress height when you make your decision.

Box Spring Height

We offer box springs measuring both 5.5 and 7.5 inches tall. Both are the same in quality and will adequately support your new mattress, they just offer different options for aesthetics and total mattress height. The customary height of a box spring in the past has been 7.5 inches. The 5.5 inch box spring was developed to compensate for the increasing height of modern mattresses. Please select the appropriate size from the drop down box when you are ordering.

What if I Want Just a Mattress?

Because each custom mattress order is made to size, most of the cost goes into the custom sizing of the bed. Therefore, if you order just the mattress, you'll be paying almost 90% of the set cost. This is why they are only available in matching sets.