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Are Foam Mattresses Better than Innerspring Mattresses?

Is Chocolate Better than Vanilla?

Mattress preferences change from person to person based on a variety of factors, so no mattress is objectively better than any other. Different mattress types have overarching pros and cons, but ultimately it is up to each individual to decide which mattress they like best.

The table below shows some very broad differences between the four main mattress types. For example, innerspring mattresses tend to cost the least, while latex mattresses tend to cost the most.

$ $$ $$$ $$
artificial artificial natural or artificial artificial
more motion transfer less motion transfer some motion transfer some motion transfer
better support better contouring better
back sleepers side sleepers side/stomach sleepers back/stomach sleepers

Furthermore, you can see that latex mattresses are the only type that can be made from natural components. Innerspring mattresses transfer more motion between sleeping partners while foam mattresses usually transfer the least. Innerspring mattresses tend to be more focused on support, while foam and latex mattresses usually provide better contouring. Back sleepers tend to prefer innerspring and hybrid mattresses, while side sleepers gravitate towards the enhanced contouring of foam and latex mattresses. Again, these are very general patterns among hundreds of mattresses of these different types, and there are certainly exceptions (for example, some innerspring mattresses work better for side sleepers than some foam mattresses).

When comparing memory foam and innerspring mattresses, you should focus on which is better suited for your needs and preferences. With the memory foam craze still going strong, and advancements like gel memory foam pushing the technology further, some sleepers wonder if they should make the switch from their innerspring mattress. Many consumers read about memory foam mattresses and fear that they're not getting the right amount of comfort and support from their innerspring mattress. While it's true that memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses have benefits that innerspring mattresses do not, mainly higher degrees of pressure relief and a longer average lifespan, innerspring mattresses are still very capable and remain the industry standard. So, if you're shopping for a new mattress, just remember that the goal is to find the best mattress for you.

Comfort and Support

Many sleepers prefer the contouring comfort of memory foam mattresses. The feeling of melting into the mattress or floating on top of it allows many sleepers to fully relax and fall into a deep, restful sleep. Sleepers who share a bed with a restless partner also appreciate the motion separation that memory foam provides. Since the foam reacts to each sleeper's individual shape and movements, less disturbance is felt when your partner moves or gets out of bed.

On the other hand, there are those who dislike the feeling of memory foam. Some refer to the conforming properties of memory foam mattresses as feeling like "quicksand" and express difficulty moving and getting comfortable in bed. Some sleepers also complain that memory foam mattresses retain more heat than innerspring mattresses, causing you to sleep hot. When it comes to support, both memory foam and innerspring mattresses are capable of performing well. While there are those who prefer the conforming support of memory foam mattresses, and others who prefer the more traditional feel of an innerspring mattress, each type has its pros and cons. In general, side sleepers tend to lean towards memory foam mattresses and back and stomach sleepers often prefer the support of an innerspring system.

Hybrids and Other Options

Aside from innerspring and memory foam mattresses, there are other options such as hybrids and latex. Hybrid mattresses usually include both an innerspring system and memory foam layers within a single unit, and latex is similar to memory foam in a lot of ways, but has a few differences. For more information on hybrid and latex mattresses check out the Mattress Research Center. 

Find the Ideal Sleep System for You

Whether you prefer the soft, conforming comfort of memory foam or the deep, rigid support of an innerspring coil system, you can find your perfect match when you shop with US-Mattress. We carry memory foam and innerspring mattresses in all price points, so every sleeper can find a mattress just right for them. If you have additional questions about how a memory foam or innerspring mattress will affect you, you can call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with a friendly mattress expert who will help you make the best decision for your sleep.