Ashley M9X9 Adjustable Base Review

Updated November 7, 2022

Ashley M9X9 Adjustable Base

The most luxurious adjustable base by Ashley is the M9X9 model. It comes with every feature offered in most luxury adjustable power bases but without the hefty price tag. The base has an adjustable neck feature eliminating the need for a pillow when your head is completely up. It also has motion sensor-activated undercarriage lighting to help safely guide you at night. For more information consider the information in our review:

An Overview of the Ashley M9X9 Adjustable Base

  • 3 Motor Head and Foot Articulation
  • Wireless Backlight Remote
  • Mobile App compatible
  • Head and Foot Massage
  • Motion Sensor Activated Undercarriage Lighting
  • 2 Programmable Buttons on the Remote
  • Preset Remote Positions (Zero-G, TV, & SNore)
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Express Shippable
  • All Steel Frame
  • Quick Set-Up/Foldable Design (one piece king)
  • Headboard Compatible 
  • Adjustable Legs
  • 3-Year Non-Prorated Warranty
  • 650 lb. Weight Capacity

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Pros & Cons

  • Four USB outlets for device charging
  • Zero-G, TV, and Snore presets on the remote are nice preset positions
  • Programmable positions on the remote make getting into your sweet comfort spot much easier and quicker
  • The massage feature helps to increase comfort and relaxation
  • Very fast delivery right to your front door
  • Durability is questionable with only a 3-year warranty
  • Weight capacity is not very good for a top-end adjustable base model

Expert Review Video

Here's our video highlighting all of the M9X9's features:

The Benefits of Having an Adjustable Base

Improving circulation in legs that experience pain and swelling is a blessing to people who suffer from arthritis.  An adjustable base can lift those sore, tired legs up to a position that feels better and helps these people to sleep better.  An adjustable base can also help people who suffer the symptoms of acid reflux, arthritis and sleep apnea.
The most basic function of a power base is to raise the head and legs into a more comfortable position.  Having bonus features like USB ports and faster shipping options are great benefits, as well.  Comfort is the key to an adjustable, can it make everyone more comfortable?  In most cases, they certainly can.


The Ashley M9X8 Adjustable Foundation is protected by a 3-year non-prorated warranty.

Ashley M9X9 Owner's Manual [PDF]

More About Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture, the parent company of Ashley Mattress, was founded in 1945 as a sales organization in Chicago, Illinois. Since its opening, Ashley Furniture has steadily grown to the point where it's now the largest manufacturer of furniture in the world!

In 2009, Ashley Furniture Industries launched its Ashley Sleep line of mattresses-in-a-box, and in the time since it has grown the line exponentially. It wasn’t until 2015 that Ashley Mattress was able to establish E-commerce as part of its overall business strategy.


The M9X9 adjustable base is the most luxurious model offered by Ashley, but without the hefty price usually associated with luxury brand power bases. Ashley hs created the M9X9 with the purpose of competing with other luxury brand adjustable beds while also offering fast and convenient shipping that their brand has become known for in the industry.

The M9X9 is the only Ashley base to offer three motors for the head, neck, and foot articulation. Thanks to these individual motors they've added three preset positions on the remote control. One is Zero-G, which is the ideal position for your body in terms of comfort and joint pressure relief. The TV preset allows you to sit up in bed and read or watch television. Finally, the Snore preset addresses poor airway circulation while sleeping. As a bonus, Ashley has also set up the under-bed lighting to be motion-activated so that it comes on automatically at night so you don't have to try and fumble with the remote or your phone just to see on your way to the bathroom.

I recommend the M9X9 adjustable base for those who want a luxury model base without the luxury base price. One word of precaution though, this base only offers a limited three-year warranty which is significantly less than competitor's models with similar features. You do save money upfront, as much as $1,000 when compared to similar bases, but you may have to replace this one sooner.

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