Bear Mattress Review

In this Bear Mattress Review take a look at the top features of the mattress, from a cooling cover to its responsive memory foam that promotes a restful night’s sleep. Find out about the pros and cons of Bear, what sleep positions it’s best suited for, the 100-night sleep trial, the free shipping details, and more. Read on to discover if this highly-rated mattress in a box is the best choice for you.

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Dimensions (L x W)


39” x 75”

Twin XL

39” x 80”


54” x 75”


60” x 80”


76” x 80”

California King

72” x 84”

Bear mattress set up in a room

The Bear Mattress - An Overview

  • Material: Memory foam with graphite gel

  • Firmness: Medium firm (6/10)

  • MA Score: 8.6/10

  • Customer Rating: 4.7/5

  • Trial Period: 100 days

  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

  • Price: $

  • Mattress Height: 10”

MA Score: The Mattress Advisor Score is a weighted score that takes into account 14 different factors related to the mattress’ performance, function, convenience and the brand’s social responsibility.

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Bear Mattress Features

Cooling Technology

Bear’s original mattress has a special cover, designed to pull body heat away from you while maintaining a cool sleep surface. Its memory foam layers are made with graphite gel, which is constructed to prevent the overheating that can happen with memory foam. In testing, the Bear achieved nearly perfect test scores for cooling.

Anyone who leads an active lifestyle enjoys the feel of memory foam, or leads an active lifestyle will enjoy the increased restfulness with the help of these supportive yet cooling materials. This cooling technology is built to be effective even through mattress protectors and sheets.



Motion Isolation

Motion transfer is an important consideration for couples purchasing a new mattress. Greater motion isolation means less likelihood that one partner will be disturbed by the movements of the other partner, whether changing positions or getting up to use the bathroom. Quite simply, motion isolation leads to a better night’s sleep.

According to Mattress Advisor reviews, the original Bear mattress does a fairly good job of preventing motion transfer, though some movement could be felt. In general, all-foam mattresses may be less bouncy, which means less motion transfer for couples.

Read more about the best memory foam mattresses.

Edge Support

Edge support is another important factor for couples buying a new mattress because it is likely that one or both partners may find themselves sleeping at the edge of the bed. Edge support also comes into play when you perch on the mattress to put your shoes on each morning.

We determined that the Bear mattress had fairly good edge support. You can be confident that you will remain comfortable if you find yourself sleeping on the edge of the bed.


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Firmness: Medium Firm

The Bear mattress was recently updated from a slightly softer sleeping surface to one with a medium-firm feel. The company rates the mattress at 7.1 out of 10 on the firmness scale, based on consumer feedback. A medium-firm mattress is less likely to make you feel stuck in one position as you don’t sink in as much.

It is also a good option for back and stomach sleepers, as they tend to need a little extra back support and the Bear mattress provides good contouring for your pressure points. So, if you are a back, stomach or combo sleeper, and you are looking for a mattress that is somewhat firmer, this Bear mattress is likely to meet your needs quite well.

Bear Mattress Materials

Inside layers of the Bear Mattress

The flagship Bear mattress touts three foam layers and is wrapped in a cooling cover, which harnesses your body heat and sends it back to you as infrared light. A graphite-gel comfort layer works to keep you cool as you snooze. Take a look at exactly what makes up this mattress.

What’s Inside?

  1. Breathable Cover: Cooling technology pulls your body heat away from you, promoting more restful sleep and regulating body temperature.

  2. Cooling Graphite-Gel Infused Memory Foam Layer: The top layer features Graphite Gel Memory Foam, which offers excellent thermal conductivity and a cooler sleep experience. It also contours around your pressure points.

  3. Responsive Transition Layer: This transition foam acts as a layer between the memory foam topper and the high-density support foam base. It provides pressure relief while enhancing body support.

  4. High-Density Support Foam: A substantial layer of high-density support foam delivers excellent support for your body and ensures the mattress can stand up to many nights of sleep, without compromise.

Compatible Foundations

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You can choose to purchase a new foundation for your new mattress or place it on an existing foundation. The original Bear mattress is compatible with a variety of bases. For best results, place your new mattress on a solid foundation paired with a bed frame, an adjustable base, or a platform bed.

Bear also offers bed bases on their website, including the Bear Foundation, the Bear Frame, and an adjustable base. Box springs are not recommended as a base for your Bear mattress because they do not offer the support needed.

Sleeping Positions Best for Bear

Back Sleepers

The medium firmness level of the Bear mattress is a great choice for back sleepers who require adequate support to keep their spine in proper alignment. We found the mattress to be great at keeping sleepers from sinking in too deeply, which can lead to discomfort and back pain.

Read more about the best mattresses for back pain.



Stomach Sleepers

Just like back sleepers, stomach sleepers need a mattress that provides contouring to their pressure points without allowing them to sink and throw their spine out of alignment. The Bear mattress was found to be successful at providing solid yet supple support for this sleep position. If you are a stomach sleeper, you are likely to find the Bear mattress to be a supportive option for a solid night’s sleep. It remains a comfortable mattress when you want to change positions, as it has a good amount of responsiveness.

Side Sleepers

The original Bear mattress is least compatible with side sleepers who tend to need a slightly softer sleeping surface. On Mattress Advisor, we rated it a bit lower for this sleeping position, as it left something to be desired when it came to body support. That said, heavier sleepers may find that the mattress feels a bit softer and therefore provides the right amount of support. Bodyweight factors into how much people sink into their mattresses.

Read more about the best mattresses for side sleepers.



Combo Sleepers (Back, Stomach, and Side)

The medium firmness level of the Bear mattress makes it a great choice for combo sleepers who prefer a slightly firmer feeling bed. It allows sleepers to easily transition positions, so you won’t end up fighting your mattress.

Pros and Cons of the Bear Mattress


Great value: You won’t have to break the bank to enjoy better nights of sleep. The Bear mattress is one of the best mattresses under $1,000 and on par with many similar bed-in-a-box styles.

A bit firm for side sleepers: The medium-firm level may be slightly firmer than side sleepers desire, though people who weigh more may feel the mattress is slightly softer.

Excellent for back and stomach sleepers: For those who sleep on their backs or stomachs, the medium firmness level of the Bear mattress provides the support you need to keep the spine in proper alignment. It’s also good for combo sleepers as the firmness keeps you from sinking in too deeply when changing positions.

Not ideal for heavier people: In general, all-foam mattresses provide less support and durability for people weighing more than approximately 250 lbs. If you fall into this category, a mattress with pocketed coils is likely to provide better comfort and performance over the long haul. Check out our round-up of the best mattresses for heavy people to learn more.

CertiPUR-US certified: Bear uses only CertiPUR-US certified foams. That ensures all of their mattresses are free of formaldehyde, fire retardants, prohibited phthalates, heavy metals, and ozone depleters.


Cooling cover: The cover infused with breathable yarn to promote a more restful night of sleep is a unique feature of this bed-in-a-box.


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More About Bear

When it comes to buying a new mattress (especially one you are purchasing online), there are several factors you have to keep in mind. Bear brings several features to the table that will reduce your stress and increase the likelihood of an overall good experience, such as the 100-Night Risk Free Trial and free shipping. Read on for the details.



100-Night Risk-Free Trial

When you buy a Bear mattress, you can rest easy knowing that there is no risk involved. Simply try out the mattress in your own home for 100 nights and if you are not satisfied, contact the company to initiate the returns process. There are no hidden fees and return shipping is free. Bear asks that you try out the mattress for at least 30 days, as it may take some time for you to adjust to the feel.

Free Shipping and Free Returns

Like the majority of bed-in-a-box companies, Bear offers free shipping and free returns. Once you purchase your new mattress, it will arrive at your door in 2–7 business days (depending on your location). No worries if you decide to return the mattress—you will receive a full refund and won’t pay for return shipping.



White Glove Delivery and Removal

Bear offers White Glove Delivery and Removal options for a fee. Simply select your desired option at checkout, and the company will contact you to set up the details on the following business day. For White Glove Delivery and set-up of your mattress, the fee is $100. For White Glove Delivery and removal of your old mattress, the fee is $150. With these options, you will receive your mattress in 2–3 weeks. Should you choose to return the Bear mattress, the White Glove fees are nonrefundable. White-Glove Delivery and Removal is only available for residents of the continental United States.

10-Year Limited Warranty

Bear mattresses are backed by a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, a benefit that is fairly standard for bed-in-a-box brands.


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Made in the USA

Bear mattresses and accessories are sourced and made in the United States. The company’s headquarters are located in Hoboken, NJ.

Other Mattresses Sold by Bear

Bear Pro Mattress

The Bear Pro is the company’s mid-tier mattress, priced slightly above the original. For the higher price point, you get an extra layer made of cooling foam. The Bear Pro also provides added cushioning for a softer feel, though it still has a medium firmness level.

Great for:

  • Side sleepers

  • People who tend to get hot when they sleep

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Bear Hybrid Mattress

The Bear Hybrid is the company’s luxury mattress, measuring 14” thick and featuring a plush pillow top. This hybrid mattress includes pocketed coils for reduced motion transfer and terrific edge support (a great feature for couples who often end up sleeping at the edge of the bed). The Bear Hybrid is also Greenguard Gold Certified by UL for low emissions.

Great for:

  • Couples

  • Heavier people

Other Sleep Accessories Sold by Bear

Mattress Protector

Bear mattress protector

Cooling Foam Pillow

Bear cooling foam pillow

Cloud Pillow

Bear cloud pillows

This breathable, wicking mattress cover employs HeiQ technology, providing protection against stains and liquid damage, dust mites, allergens, and more.

Sleep cooler with this hypoallergenic pillow, featuring Experience Double Ice fabric and mesh panels for airflow. It is great for any sleep position.

These light and fluffy pillows are made of a breathable down alternative for a cooler sleep experience. They are also hypoallergenic and cruelty-free.

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Bear Mattress FAQ

  1. Can I finance my Bear mattress?

    Yes, Bear does offer a financing option, Affirm. Simply select this option at checkout. Financing is only valid in the United States; the first payment will be due one month after the initial purchase.

  2. How long will it take for my Bear mattress to be delivered?

    Your online mattress will arrive at your door in 2–7 business days. If you select a White Glove Delivery option, the current shipping time is 2–3 weeks. Orders to Canada may take up to 10 business days. All items are shipped via FedEx. If you purchase multiple products, they may arrive separately as Bear ships from multiple locations across the country. If you would prefer for a signature to be required at the time of delivery, simply select that option during the checkout process.

  3. How does the sleep trial work?

    Bear offers customers 100 days to try out their new mattress at home. If you are not satisfied after that time period, simply contact the company to start the return process. There are no return shipping charges and no hidden fees. Bear does ask that consumers keep the mattress for a minimum of 30 days as they may need time to adjust to the feel.

  4. Is the Bear mattress non-toxic?

    Bear uses only CertiPUR-US certified foam, meaning the mattresses are free of formaldehyde, fire retardants, prohibited phthalates, heavy metals, and ozone depleters. The Bear Hybrid goes a step further, with a Greenguard Gold Certification by UL for low emissions.

  5. Does the Bear mattress smell?

    The Bear mattress is comprised of foam that has little to no smell. Simply open the mattress and allow a few days for off-gassing. Then, you’ll be ready to enjoy your high-performance bed-in-a-box.


If you are looking for a mattress with a slightly firmer feel and technology designed for your active lifestyle, give the Bear mattress a try. Ranked one of the best memory foam mattresses, the Bear stands out with a cooling cover that dissipates your body heat. The cooling can be felt even through a mattress protector and sheets, and is great for athletes who desire a cooling mattress. The flagship Bear mattress has a medium firmness level that is optimal for back, stomach, and combo sleepers, and won’t allow you to sink in when changing positions. The free shipping and return policy combined with the 100-Night Sleep Trial complete the package. Overall, the Bear mattress is a great option for consumers looking to try out (and hopefully love) an all-memory-foam bed.

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