Best Black Friday Mattress Sales of 2022

Updated May 19, 2022

Shoppers wait all year for the deals that Black Friday will bring––and 2021’s best Black Friday mattress sales are no exception. No need to wait till after Turkey Day, as many of the top mattress-in-a-box retailers are releasing some of the best prices you’ll see all year, starting now. There are a few important factors to keep in mind while looking for your new mattress, such as your preferred sleep style, firmness level, support features, and durability. Check out these Black Friday mattress deals to learn more about each mattress type, which kind of sleeper they cater to, and best of all, the money you can save on them.

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Best Overall - Nectar - Get $100 off + free accessories

Best Value - WinkBed - Get $300 off + free bedding bundle

Best Innerspring Mattress - Saatva Classic - Get 15% off purchases of $2,500+

Best Luxury Mattress - DreamCloud Premier - Get $200 off + $399 worth of free accessories

Best for Stomach Sleepers - Helix Dawn - Get up to $200 off + 2 free pillows

Best Cooling - Puffy - Get $300 off + Up to $455 worth of free accessories

Best Extra-Firm Mattress - Brooklyn Bedding Plank - Get 25% off

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers - Casper Wave Hybrid - Get up to 20% off sleep bundles

Best for Pressure Relief - Leesa Legend - Get up to $400 off your mattress purchase

1. Best Overall - Nectar

Nectar Mattress

When you couple a supportive mattress with incredible value, you get the Nectar mattress––and it’s a deal you’ll want to keep a pulse on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With durable, motion-isolating, and pressure-relieving materials, the Nectar caters to memory foam lovers, side sleepers, couples, and budget shoppers alike. Black Friday shoppers may find this an especially tantalizing option, as Nectar comes with a robust year-long sleep trial period and everlong warranty.

Get $100 off + free accessories

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2. Best Value - WinkBed

Winkbed Mattress

Scoring a customizable, luxury mattress with excellent value (and an even better price) isn’t out of reach this Black Friday. The WinkBed mattress piles on luxe details, like a lifetime warranty and four firmness options to select from, that you can try out for 120 nights before fully committing. Manufactured in Wisconsin, these hybrid mattresses appeal to combination sleepers needing an ultra-responsive bed or sleepers with back pain. Dual-coil systems, responsive foam, and a lumbar support layer make this a welcoming, supportive mattress you’ll look forward to night after night.

Get $300 off + free bedding bundle

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3. Best Innerspring Mattress - Saatva Classic

Saatva Classic Mattress

With not just one, but two innerspring coil layers, the Saatva offers both luxury and support that you won’t want to miss getting a deal on. Aside from two coil support layers, there are a lot of bells and whistles that mattress shoppers tend to love: a soft Euro pillow top, lumbar support layer, responsive foam, free white-glove delivery, setup, and a range of firmness levels to choose from. The Saatva Classic is built to be highly durable so that it maintains its comfort and support for years to come.

Get 15% off purchases of $2,500+

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4. Best Luxury Mattress - DreamCloud Premier

DreamCloud Premier Mattress

Black Friday shoppers who are seeking a ritzy mattress need to take a look at the DreamCloud Premier. A cashmere cover wraps up a Euro pillow top, six layers of plush foams, and durable coils in soft, supportive comfort. This hybrid mattress is supportive enough for sleepers of all body types, couples that require extra cooling and motion isolation, plus seniors that need extra edge support. And not only is there immense comfort with the Premier, but value as well––this mattress comes with both a yearlong sleep trial and lifetime warranty. As part of DreamCloud’s Black Friday sales, take $200 off your purchase, and get free accessories including a mattress protector, sheets, and cooling pillows. Don’t miss out on discounts offered on adjustable bases and bed frames as well!

Get $200 off mattress + $399 worth of free accessories

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5. Best for Stomach Sleepers - Helix Dawn

Helix Dawn Mattress

Helix’s calling card is customization, offering many mattress options that make it easy to choose something that fits your sleeping position, comfort preferences, and budget. Stomach sleepers require a firmer mattress that keeps the lower back aligned and pressure points from digging into the bed––both of which the Helix Dawn accomplished high test scores. This hybrid bed-in-a-box has a 100-night sleep trial, 10-year limited warranty, and affordable price. Helix is offering up to $200 off, plus two free pillows as part of their Black Friday sale.

Get up to $200 off + 2 free pillows

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6. Best Cooling Mattress - Puffy

Puffy Mattress

Have trouble with feeling hot when you’re supposed to be dozing off? Puffy is known for its reasonable pricing, high-quality construction, and cooling materials. Gel memory foam on top soaks up excess heat, while temperature-regulating foam layers below prevent heat intake from air circulating in the bedroom. This foam mattress works especially well for side sleepers and couples, with solid test scores for spine alignment, pressure relief, motion transfer, and of course, cooling.

Get $300 off + Up to $455 worth of free accessories

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7. Best Extra-Firm Mattress - Brooklyn Bedding Plank

Brooklyn Bedding Plank Mattress

Firm mattresses are the perfect match for heavier sleepers, those who run hot, firm mattress enthusiasts, and sleepers with back pain. For the firmest of the firm mattresses, the Brooklyn Bedding Plank takes the crown. This flippable memory foam mattress provides both firm and extra-firm sides. The Plank excels in cooling, spine alignment, pressure relief, and overall durability, showing it can work for every sleep position and body type. Right now, you can get 25% off your mattress purchase at checkout.

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8. Best for Side Sleepers - Casper Wave Hybrid

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

Sleepers who prefer to recline on their sides need a mattress that will keep their hips and shoulders comfortable and pain-free. The American Chiropractic Association backs the Casper Wave Hybrid, thanks to its ability to provide outstanding spinal support and pressure relief. Four layers of latex and pressure-relieving foam give you an ever-so-slight sink, while coils keep the lumbar region lifted and in alignment. With high scores in these two categories in testing, this hybrid proves to keep pressure from building around these areas to keep you sleeping soundly. The Casper Wave Hybrid is a worthy investment for not just side sleepers but anyone looking to achieve a better night’s rest.

Get up to 20% off sleep bundles

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9. Best for Pressure Relief - Leesa Legend

Leesa Legend Mattress

Every sleep position can benefit from a pressure-relieving mattress, and the Leesa Legend rises to the top. Memory foam and a layer of micro-pocketed coils are focused around key areas of the body, including the lumbar area, hips, and shoulders. These materials work to keep strain off your pressure points, stay responsive as you move around on the mattress surface, and give an overall weightless feeling. Everything from the mattress cover down to the base foam is made with airflow in mind––no need to worry about overheating. The Legend also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty, so you can sleep peacefully knowing you’re covered.

Get up to $400 off your mattress purchase

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