Best Budget Foam Mattresses

High-Quality and a Low Price

When they first came onto the scene, foam mattresses represented the latest advancements in sleep technology, and they came with a price tag that matched. Fortunately, the cost of foam mattresses has come down considerably with more advancements in technology. However, when technology becomes more affordable, the market can get flooded with sub-par products. Some of today's affordable foam mattresses are little more than bed-shaped pillows. When you shop with US-Mattress, you will only find mattresses made by trusted manufacturers and can enjoy the benefits of foam comfort without breaking the bank.

Find Your Ideal Sleep Experience

Purchasing an affordable foam mattress doesn't mean you have to sacrifice support or comfort. In this section, you'll find mattresses that our experts believe represent the best in affordable foam technology. Today's foams, such as viscoelastic memory foam and latex foam, offer sleepers enhanced contouring comfort and conforming support. The selections below allow sleepers to experience the benefits of a foam mattress without spending a fortune. If you're not sure which affordable foam mattress is best for you, then we encourage you to call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with one of our friendly mattress experts who can help you find the perfect mattress.

Inexpensive and Highly Rated Foam Mattresses