Choosing a Daybed

Space-Saving Comfort

A daybed frame generally consists of a back panel and two side panels. We offer daybed frames in wood, metal, or a combination of the two. Most daybed frames are designed to accommodate a standard Twin size mattress with the dimensions 39"W x 75"L. Some light assembly is required in most cases. Daybeds are an efficient way to combine both a bed and seating area. This combination is great for smaller spaces like apartments, guest bedrooms, or even living and family rooms. Daybeds have also been in vogue recently, offering a sleek and interesting seating solution for any living space.

Daybed Support

Most daybeds use link springs or poly tops to support the mattress. Most link springs are a metal grid-like structure that substitutes for a box spring. Our Premium Polytop Link Spring offers superior support to your mattress, as well as less wear and tear on the mattress and your linens.

Daybed Trundle Units

Trundle units are available in two styles. Our comfortable Polytop Pop-Up Trundle Unit will not only add an additional sleep area if needed, but can also be used to create one larger sleep area. Keep in mind, in order to create the equivalent of a King size sleep area, the mattresses on the daybed and pop-up trundle unit must be the same height. Pop-up trundles may also be used when left in the lowered position.

Drawer trundles also use a standard Twin size mattress, but will not elevate. They can be used for storage rather than additional sleeping space if you choose. They are generally designed to coordinate with a specific daybed, making drawer trundles a useful and attractive addition to any daybed set.

Benefits of Daybeds

Daybeds are wonderfully versatile and will fit into many different settings. They offer beautiful seating as well as additional sleeping space when needed. You can even increase the sleeping space with the addition of an optional trundle unit (as described above).

When you order a daybed from US-Mattress, you get the complete bed. This includes the stylish back and side panels and a Premium Polytop Link Spring. Simple assembly instructions will be included with your shipment to assist you in getting your new bed set up quickly and easily.

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