How To Choose A Pillow That’s Right For You

Updated August 23, 2021

Shopping for a new pillow can be both confusing and frustrating. With so many options to choose from it can be very difficult for you to answer the question, 'What's the right pillow for me?. A pillow can be very highly rated for its comfort and durability but it can also be very uncomfortable for you at the same time. Here are a few questions you should ask when you’re considering a new pillow to sleep on:

  • What position do I sleep in? - There are a wide variety of pillows that are designed specifically for various sleep positions. For example, if you are a side sleeper the corresponding pillow will be a bit thicker to support your neck properly. A back sleeper pillow will be thinner and have more materials on the outer edges to cradle the head.
  • Do I need a cooling pillow? - If you tend to sleep hotter a pillow that offers cooling features might be a better choice. Cooling pillows sometimes also cater to people who sleep in different positions. The benefits of cooling technology are that it can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Those who like to flip their pillow over for the cool side shouldn't have to with one of these.
  • What size pillow should I use? - This is more of a preference, the size of the pillow really only matters to what you prefer to sleep on. However, the aesthetic of a king size mattress with standard-sized pillows is questionable. There are three basic sizes of pillows for mattresses, standard, Queen, and King. The bigger two are sized to fit two side-by-side pillows on the mattress. A standard-sized pillow is a good option that works well in most scenarios.
  • Should I use a specialty pillow? - A specialty pillow can be one where there is a cutout for your shoulder, or it's angled for people with acid reflux. Some also offer contouring to your body shape, and special construction related to your sleep position. There are even pillows made specifically for pregnant women as they need greater support while carrying a child. These pillows are geared more towards people who need a very specific type of comfort for their head while they sleep.
The next thing you need to know is the type of pillows that are available to you. There are many different styles that are built using many different materials. Below is a list of the primary material types of pillows for your consideration:

Need Help Choosing a Pillow?

If you have further questions about pillows you can reach out to our bedding experts at 800-455-1052. They can answer any additional questions you may have, including recommending a high-quality pillow.

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