Beautyrest Harmony Cayman Plush Pillow Top 15.5" Mattress

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Size: Twin
Adjustable Base and Box Spring

Soft Responsive Mattress

by David Higgins

The pillow top design on the Beautyrest Harmony Cayman Plush Pillow Top really brings up the softness from the line's tight top plush model. The addition of gel foam on this model adds to the responsive comfort offered in the breathable, soft comfort layers. The many natural and eco-friendly materials used in this mattress set it apart from other models on the market.

Quite a Soft Feel

At a 8 out of 10 on the comfort scale, this is a very soft mattress offering cloudlike conforming comfort. Layers of AirFeel and Air Cool foam offer breathability through the mattress, providing pressure relief to keep you from tossing and turning. The soft gel foam layer offers responsive support and further pressure relieving comfort to help you sink into the next layer of charcoal infused memory foam. The naturally cooling charcoal material also offers body conforming support for a restful night.

Targeted Support

The T1 System offers a dual-stage design allowing for enhanced coils at the center of the mattress to push back where we carry most of our weight for targeted support. The pocketed coils offer even more precise support, as each coil can respond to your body's pressure and movement. This pocketed design also reduces the amount of movement that can be felt on the other side of the bed, so that you can sleep undisturbed even if your partner gets up at a different time.

Cooling From Nature

With natural Tencel yarns in the quilt, the fabric works to pull moisture and heat away from the body for deeper sleep, especially if you tend to sleep warm. Also, the comfort layers all work together to provide a breathable sleep surface down to the charcoal in the memory foam which has natural cooling abilities for restorative sleep.

Consistent Comfort

The foam encased edge allows for the same soft comfort and support anywhere on the mattress, even if you are sleeping close to the edge. The edge support provides durability and protects the comfort foams and coil support so that you can be sure you aren't damaging the mattress as you sit on its edge.

Sustainable Design

On top of the other eco friendly considerations Beautyrest has taken, they have partnered with Seaqual on the Harmony line to include a soft and luxurious fabric in the quilt that is actually made from plastic bottles collected from our oceans. Each queen sized mattress includes the equivalent of 25 plastic bottles, cleaning up our oceans one mattress at a time.

Is The Beautyrest Harmony Cayman Plush Pillow Top Right For You?

If you are looking for a mattress on the softer side to help you relieve some of those night time aches and pains, this is a good fit, especially for side sleepers. This soft feel can also work for back sleepers who like a very soft level of support. If the eco conscious design and soft targeted support sound good to you, this is a perfect choice at a reasonable price.

Works With All Bed Types

Box Spring
Box Spring
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Traditional Frames
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Adjustable Bases

Your mattress purchase is fully compatible with all modern support systems, including adjustable base, platform bed, box spring/foundation, even the floor!

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