Sealy Crown Jewel Performance Roseway Plush Pillow Top 15" Mattress

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Size: Twin
Adjustable Base and Box Spring

More Mattress - More Softness

by Jed Harrington

The softest mattress in the Performance Series of the Crown Jewel line, the Roseway Plush Pillowtop features an extra thick layer of SealySupport Soft Foam to give it both an impressive profile as well as additional plushness.

Soft, Enveloping Feel

Using 5 layers of soft Sealy developed foams, this mattress boasts a comfort that will cradle your body in comfort as you slowly drift off to sleep. Included in those layers, the reinforced Sealy Gel Foam and Gel Memory foam give added substance and durability meaning this mattress is well equipped to keep you from tossing and turning throughout the night.

Hundreds of Coils

The Sealy Stability Plus system features hundreds of individually wrapped coils that will contour to the curves of your body and provide a greater degree of individualized support along every one of those curves. In addition to that, since the coils are not tied to one another with steel, the motion that is distributed from one side to the other is very minimal. All in all, this is the best coil system in the Crown Jewel Collection.


While not something you immediately notice, the handles equipped on this bed will come in handy when it comes time to rotate your mattress. We recommend rotating every 3-6 months to ensure an even wearing of the foams and to maintain that showroom feel for 10+ years.

Sleep Right to the Edge

The DuraFlex Edge enables you to use the entire sleep surface of the mattress by providing additional support along the outside of the mattress. Since this edge support is coil based instead of foam based, that means that it will allow for greater airflow through the mattress - keeping you sleeping more temperature neutral all night long. In addition to that, this edge support and the individually wrapped coil system mean that the Roseway is completely adjustable base friendly.

Side and back sleepers' dream

Since this mattress is on the softer end of the comfort scale rating, we would recommend it mainly for back and side sleepers - whose sleeping styles lend themselves well to really sinking into the mattress. If that sounds like the kind of mattress you enjoy and you are looking for the great benefits of the Crown Jewel Performance collection this year, this would be the best choice for you.

Works With All Bed Types

Box Spring
Box Spring
Traditional Frames
Traditional Frames
Adjustable Bases
Adjustable Bases

Your mattress purchase is fully compatible with all modern support systems, including adjustable base, platform bed, box spring/foundation, even the floor!

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