Best Mattresses for Couples

Partner Disruptions

Sometimes sleeping next to another person can be difficult, especially if that person is an active sleeper. Thankfully, manufacturers have built mattresses that address this problem and allow you to get deep, restful sleep regardless of your partner's sleeping habits. Mattresses with wrapped or pocketed coils are best for preventing motion transfer between couples as they compartmentalize movement without transferring it throughout the innerspring system. Foam and latex mattresses can also be effective at reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners, with some designs and materials being better than others.

Our Expert Recommendations

Below you will find mattresses that our experts chose as the best options for couples sharing the bed. We believe everyone can get great sleep, even with a partner who tosses and turns at night and recommend these mattresses for having the necessary elements to make you feel as though you are the only one in the bed. If you or your sleeping partner struggle with disruptive sleep habits, then check out these models for good examples of mattresses suitable for sharing.If you want more space and you are tired of feeling your partner’s movements, consider a mattress that has edge support and motion transfer reduction qualities.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can get a hold of one of our friendly mattress experts by dialing 1-800-455-1052. They'll be happy to offer advice, answer questions, and give more recommendations so you can choose your best option. For more information, check out our page on sleeping with a partner.

Great Mattresses If You're Sharing The Bed With Someone