Helix vs Saatva Mattress Review

January 27, 2023

What are you looking for in your new mattress? Premium levels of comfort and support? You can find all of that and more in the Helix and the Saatva, two of the leading online mattress brands on the market today. Both brands are made from high-quality, durable materials and offer excellent edge support. The Saatva mattress boasts a hotel-style sleep experience with white glove delivery and a 5-layer luxurious construction, while the Helix provides phenomenal pressure relief and advanced cooling technology.

The question is, which one is superior? In this article, we’ll help you get a better sense of which mattress is the best for you by giving you a comparison of each brand’s features and materials.

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Helix Mattress Review

  • Type: Hybrid

  • Firmness: Customizable firmness options

  • Trial Period: 100 nights

  • Warranty: 10-year warranty

  • Price: $$

  • MA Score: 8.9/10

  • Customer Rating: 4.6/5

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Saatva Mattress Review

  • Type: Hybrid

  • Firmness: Choose between plush, luxury firm, and firm

  • Trial Period: 180 nights

  • Warranty: 15-year warranty

  • Price: $$$

  • MA Score: 8.7/10

  • Customer Rating: 4.8/5

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Highlights of Helix vs Saatva

The Helix Mattress

  • Ample customization: The Helix mattress is actually a line of 13 different models, each offering a different level of firmness and support. Take the Helix sleep quiz to determine which mattress is best suited to you and your partner.

  • Fantastic for couples: The Helix is a great option for anyone who sleeps with a partner. A robust motion transfer score means this mattress will minimize the risk of any nighttime disruptions.

  • Built to last: In our testing, we found that the Helix mattress was made from high-quality materials, designed to withstand many years and plenty of use. We give it a near-perfect 9 out of 10 in durability.

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The Saatva Mattress

  • White-glove delivery and setup: Not only will the Saatva team deliver your new bed straight to your door, they’ll actually set it up in the room of your choice. What could be easier?

  • Durable construction: The Saatva is made with strong and resilient coil construction, allowing it to support plenty of weight over a long span of time.

  • Excellent edge support: The Saatva doesn’t sag or sink at the edges. This makes it ideal for seniors and for anyone who prefers to sleep toward the edge of their bed.

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Features and Materials

Helix Saatva
Layers of the Helix Mattress Inside layers of the Saatva mattress

What’s inside:

  • Soft-touch cover: Provides airflow and keeps you cool.

  • Memory foam top layer: Helps cushion your joints comfortably and relieve pressure points

  • Foam transition layer: Cushions and supports your body

  • Body shape layer: 600 individually-wrapped innerspring coils that contour to your body

  • Foam base layer: Keeps your mattress durable and steady

What’s inside:

  • Quilted euro pillow top: Soft, cool, and cozy

  • Individually wrapped coils: Designed to respond to the movements of your body

  • Dual perimeter edge support: An all-foam encasement helps keep the bed from sagging

  • Memory foam support layer: Optimal lumbar support and pressure relief

  • Durable steel coil layer: A base layer that’s strong, durable, and supportive

Scored best in:

  • Durability

  • Cooling

  • Motion transfer

Scored best in:

  • Durability

  • Spine alignment

  • Edge support

Size and Specs




Twin: 39” x 75”

Twin XL: 39” x 80”

Full: 54” x 75”

Queen: 60” x 80”

King: 76” x 80”

Cal King: 72” x 84”


Twin: 38” x 75”

Twin XL: 38” x 80”

Full: 54” x 75”

Queen: 60” x 80”

King: 76” x 80”

Cal King: 72” x 84”


How firm would you like your new mattress to be? With the Helix mattress, you get to customize your firmness level to meet your specific sleep preference. But if you’re a little overwhelmed by having that much control over your mattress, the Saatva narrows things down, letting you choose between plush, luxury firm, and firm.

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Motion Transfer

Motion transfer refers to a bed’s ability to minimize the effects of little movements in the night; a good motion transfer score means you’re less likely to be rocked awake when your partner moves around during the night. Saatva gets a respectable 7.5 out of 10 in this category but the Helix lands a whopping 9. It’s truly one of the best mattresses for couples.

Edge Support

Another key performance feature is edge support, which reflects the ability of the mattress to maintain its shape without sinking or sagging, even if you sleep on the very edge. In this category, both mattresses perform very well (9 out of 10 for the Helix, 8.5 for the Saatva).




In terms of long-term durability, both of these mattresses score well: 9 out of 10 for the Helix and a perfect 10 for the Saatva. In other words, they’re both built to last.

Delivery and Returns

Both mattresses ship for free and should arrive pretty quickly. If you want the white-glove setup, though, you’ll want to consider Saatva.


FAQ about the Helix Mattress

  1. How does the Color-MATCH system work?

    At the Helix website, you’ll be invited to take a sleep quiz. This quiz will assess your biological and ergonomic needs, and pair you with the mattress that’s well-suited for your sleeping position and body type.

  2. Does the Helix work for heavy people?

    The Helix mattress supports about 500 pounds of combined weight or up to 350 pounds per individual sleeper.



FAQ about the Saatva Mattress

  1. How does the sleep trial work?

    When you buy from any online mattress company, you’re typically given X amount of days to try out the mattress and make sure it suits your needs. You’re welcome to return it for a refund, so long as you do so within that window.

  2. Do I need a topper?

    Mattress toppers can take a soft mattress and make it firmer. You may decide to get a topper to augment your Saatva but remember that it comes in three firmness options to begin with, including a plush soft option.

Summary of Helix vs Saatva

Mattress Advisor Score Breakdown



Shipping: 10

Trial Period: 9

Return Policy: 10

Warranty: 9

Set-up Test: 8

Motion Transfer Test: 9

Edge Support Test: 9

Pressure Relief Test: 8

Spinal Alignment Test: 8.25

Responsiveness Test: 8.75

Cooling Evaluation: 9

Durability Evaluation: 9

Customer Service Score: 9

Social Impact Score: 5


Shipping: 9.5

Trial Period: 10

Return Policy: 8

Warranty: 10

Set-up Test: 10

Motion Transfer Test: 7.5

Edge Support Test: 8.5

Pressure Relief Test: 6.5

Spinal Alignment Test: 9.5

Responsiveness Test: 7.5

Cooling Evaluation: 8.5

Durability Evaluation: 10

Customer Service Score: 9

Social Impact Score: 7


Helix Mattress

We recommend the Helix mattress to anyone who’s in the market for something customized; anyone who wants luxury; and anyone who cares about having a cool mattress that’s built to last.

Saatva Mattress

While the Saatva is a slightly pricier item than the Helix, and while it doesn’t offer quite as much room for customization, it certainly has plenty to recommend it: A perfect durability score, hotel-level comfort, and that wonderful white-glove delivery service. For many sleepers, these perks will make it well worth the price tag.

About the Author Josh Hurst

Josh Hurst lives and writes in Knoxville, TN. A recovering insomniac, he has a long-standing appreciation for the power of a good night's sleep.