Joybed LX Mattress Review

The Joybed LX is one of five mattresses sold by the natural bed-in-a-box brand Joybed.

About Joybed

Healthier Sleep

The Joybed is made with natural materials, which is beneficial in a lot of ways. The natural materials allow airflow that will help you stay cooler without "cooling technology" (which often uses chemicals and doesn't breathe as well). The natural fibers will also wick moisture away from your body and evaporate it, keeping you dry and cool. There are no chemicals added or used when making the Joybed mattresses, so you'll have no toxins to worry about. Foam mattresses can off-gas chemicals that you'd be breathing in throughout the night, whereas there are no such concerns with natural materials. You can enjoy healthy sleep without having to worry about any long-term effects on your health.

Reduce Your Impact on the Earth

Joybeds leave a minimal impact on the environment by using annually renewable and biodegradable materials from nature. The wool, cotton, and plant materials will break down within a year after being discarded. The coils are made of recycled steel and the boxes that they're delivered in are also made out of recycled materials.

These eco-friendly materials help minimize additions to the landfill, whereas foam can sit in landfills for decades if not reused. Only 0.1% of the Joybed is made with man-made sources, innerspring pockets, and dust cover fabrics.

Comfort Scale Rating

The Joybed LX is the firmest option and is a 4 on our 10 point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest). This level of comfort is best for those who like a firmer mattress. Usually, a firm mattress works best for back and stomach sleepers, while side sleepers tend to need a bit more cushioning for their shoulders and hips. If you think something softer might work, the Joybed LXC and the Joybed LXP have two comfort options that are softer (a 5 and a 7). 

A woman stretched on a Joybed mattress

Pros and Cons of the Joybed LX

  • Natural and renewable materials
    • Breathable - keeps you cool
    • No chemicals that could affect your health
    • Environmentally friendly
  • Individually pocketed coils
    • Give conforming support where you need it
    • Reduce the transfer of motion energy between sleep partners
  • Edge support
    • Creates a sturdier sitting edge
    • Makes it comfortable to sleep all the way to the side of the bed
  • Fast and easy delivery
    • UPS ships it in a small box within 3-5 business days
  • More affordable than similar mattresses
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Not completely organic and not vegan (the LXC is vegan)
    • Joybed says this is to keep costs down and that the incremental benefits of organic materials in the padding would be small
  • Too firm for most side sleepers

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Main Features of the Joybed LX in Detail

Inside layers of the Joybed mattress

1. Organic Cotton Cover

The cover is made with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton.

2. Plant Fiber Fire Barrier

This fire protection layer is chemical-free, meets federal fire safety certifications, and is very breathable - adding to the comfort.

3. Cotton

A layer of soft cotton adds padding for pressure relief. It's hypo-allergenic and breathable, keeping you cool and comfortable.

4. Wool

This ethically sourced wool adds comfort and its moisture-wicking abilities keep you dry and cool.

5. Individually wrapped coils

The coils move independently to provide precise support where you need it - also reducing the motion of transfer. There's a double column around the edge of the mattress to provide edge support.


The Joybed LX has a 10-year warranty against the manufacturer's defects. It also has a 120-night trial period, which means you get a full refund for a processing fee of $139 if you decide the Joybed LX doesn't work for you. You can exchange it for free.

Delivery Method

Joybed box

The Joybed LX ships compressed into a small box. UPS will deliver it to your door in 3-5 business days.


The Joybed LX is a great natural option for those who want a firm mattress. The construction is good - an individually wrapped coil system will contour to your body, providing precise support where most needed. It also reduces the motion of transfer between sleep partners. The materials are durable and will outlast foam. And no need to worry about toxins or off-gassing with cotton, wool, and plant fibers! The cover is organic cotton and feels soft. There's a layer right beneath the cover that acts as a fire barrier. Unlike most mattresses, this one is plant-based and does not use chemicals to protect the mattress from fire. 

If you have concerns about the effects of your mattress on your health or the environment, the Joybed LX is an affordable solution that I would recommend. There are many positive customer reviews that confirm it's comfortable and supportive. If this firmness level doesn't work for you, check out the Joybed LXC (which is vegan) or the Joybed LXP.

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Joybed LX Specifications:

Product Name

Joybed LX

Queen Price




Mattress Comfort


Comfort Scale Number


Coil Count




Comfort Padding Layers

  • Cotton

  • Wool

  • Cotton


  • 10-year warranty against manufacturer's defects

Back Support System

  • Pocketed Coils

Quilt Top of Mattress

  • Organic Cotton Cover

  • Plant Fiber Fire Barrier

Edge Support

  • Active Edge Support

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