Mantua Rize Up Adjustable Base Review

Updated November 14, 2022

Mantua Rize Up Adjustable Base

The Rize Up Base is the basic model offered by Mantua. The Rize Up is just your basic entry-level adjustable base without luxury features or the price tag that comes with those premium features. Our expert review with much more information including the features and benefits of the are below if you read on:

An Overview of the Manuta Rize Up Adjustable 

  • Lightweight frame

  • Deck height of thirteen inches

  • Six legs for added support

  • Heavy-duty head lift motor

  • Wired remote

  • 850 lb. weight capacity

  • Fits most headboard/footboard/rails systems

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty included

Features Video

A video highlighting the features of the Rize Up Adjustable Foundation:

Pros & Cons

  • More affordable than premium Mantua models
  • Great starter base if you've never tried one before
  • 850 lb. capacity indicates sturdiness of construction
  • A wired remote negates the need for batteries and the potential for losing the remote altogether
  • Minimal movement of the body, only the head section of the bed lifts
  • Lack of premium or luxury features
  • Limited 5-year warranty

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Rize Up Power Base

What Benefits are there to having an adjustable base?

Adding a power base to your bed can be very beneficial to your health and comfort. It can enhance your sleeping experience in many areas like comfort and health. One of the best benefits of using an adjustable base is for people with medical conditions. Those that cannot get out of bed for long or those that cannot lay flat while they sleep will benefit greatly from a power base. 

Those who suffer from other medical conditions can also benefit from using an adjustable foundation as well. Acid reflux sufferers know that having the upper torso lifted to a higher angle while they sleep can reduce symptoms. We've already mentioned the heavy snorers benefiting from a clear airway earlier in this review.

One group that is close to my heart is arthritis patients. My mother suffers from Osteo-Arthritis and I bought her an adjustable base to help her with the pain associated with her condition. She finds it much easier to sleep when she can sleep in a non-traditional position with raised legs.

Adjustable foundations benefit more people than just those who have medical conditions. A base like this enhances the comfort that you already get from your mattress. The positions listed are beneficial to all people, and, with the right mattress, you can get luxurious sleep that's better than the sleep you've had with a flat mattress. 

Additional Information

The buttons on your Rize Up Base Remote:

Rize Up Adjustable Base Wired Remote Close Up

A video explaining how to set up your Rize Up Adjustable Bed:


The Manuta Rize Up Adjustable Base comes with a limited 5-year warranty [PDF].

More about Mantua

Mantua Manufacturing Company has been a family-owned and operated business since 1952. They named themselves after the small town in Ohio where they first got started, Mantua. An interesting fact about their manufacturing process is that they use recycled railroad steel in many of their bed frames. This is not only environmentally friendly but also ensures that their frames are much more sturdy than most others. They are so confident of their durability that they offer a lifetime warranty. If one of their frames breaks from defective material or workmanship they'll replace it at no cost.


The Mantua Rize Up Adjustable Base is a great option for first-time buyers of a power base. This base is all about the basics, up and down of the upper torso and keeping your mattress off the floor. Nothing too fancy here!

The Rize Up is also a good choice for those on a budget. This is a significant difference from more premium Mantua adjustable base models which can cost well over $5,000. On the other hand, if you feel that your needs might not be met with this very basic adjustable base model then I would recommend considering one of the other Mantua models offered which has more features.

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