120 Night In-Home Trial

Our 120-Night In-Home Trial gives you the opportunity to really see
the difference a good night’s sleep can make in your life!

We want to be absolutely sure that you’ll get years of amazing sleep. But trying a mattress in a store is nothing like sleeping on it in your own home. That’s why we believe it’s better to give you 120 nights in your own home. When you have 120 nights to sleep on your new mattress, you’ll have had enough time to make sure you’re sleeping soundly on your new mattress.

It can take time to get used to sleeping on a new mattress because it’s such a personal experience and a new mattress can be a big change from what you were sleeping before. Your old mattress may have lost support over the years, or your new mattress may be a new style that feels different, etc. In cases like these, your body may take some time adjust to the new feel and settle into deep sleep.

A similar situation compares to new shoes. Have you ever bought the perfect pair of shoes and still felt sore after wearing them? Everyone is unique, so, even though you found the perfect pair of shoes, they still need time to adjust to your specific walking style, foot size and shape. After a few uses, you can wear them comfortable day in and day out.

Sleeping on a new mattress is very similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes. In the first few days, you may feel uncomfortable or even wake up in the morning feeling a little sore. Over time, you will sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day!

If, after 30 nights of sleeping on your new mattress, you are not perfectly satisfied, we will exchange it under our 120-Night In-Home Trial. Just fill out our comfort questionnaire and one of our sleep experts will help select the perfect replacement for you. We will also take care of shipping, delivery and pick up of your original mattress. (A $139.00 processing fee applies)

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Mattresses must be tried for at least 30 nights before an exchange takes place. There is a $139.00 processing fee. The only increase you would pay would be the difference between the price you paid for your original mattress and the price of the new mattress if you choose to switch to a more expense one (at time of exchange). Please note that if you switch to a less expensive model, you will not be refunded the the price difference from your original purchase. Law tags must be attached and we can’t accept any mattress that is stained or damaged. Mattresses with the 120-night in home trial are non-returnable for a refund (excludes Money back Guarantee mattresses). Limit of one trial per person. Not valid on warranty exchanges, foundations/box springs, custom size or handmade mattresses.