Mattress Info

What Makes a Mattress?

Wondering about all the parts that make a whole mattress? Well, look no further...

Support System

Mattress support can come in the form of innerspring coils or foam core.

Comfort Foams

Memory foam, latex foam, gel foam, and more demystified.


Familiarize yourself with essential mattress vocabulary and other important information. 

Mattress Types

Discover what makes each type of mattress unique in its own special way.

Mattress Sizes

Learn how to choose between the different sizes of a mattress

Comfort Levels

By now you've probably seen the words, "Plush", Firm", and "Pillowtop". Learn what's different about them each.

Mattress Care

Mattresses can be an expensive investment, so it's important to take the necessary steps to make them last longer.

Mattress Foundations

The base of support under your mattress can be just as important as what's inside.

Mattress Accessories

Mattresses require a few things for optimal use, like sheets and pillows.