Proudly Supporting Michigan Humane

We've partnered with Michigan Humane to help provide a safe, warm place for thousands of animals in Michigan. Your purchase will help make a difference to animals in need.

Michigan Humane is one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the country and the largest in Michigan caring for more than 100,000 animals each year since 1877. The nonprofit Michigan Humane operates solely on the generosity of individuals and companies. Thanks again for your support on behalf of Michigan Humane!

Buddy - Winner of our Cutest Sleeping Pet Contest Winter of 2022

Along with finding a home for animals, Michigan Humane works to protect animals that are suffering or being abused in certain environments. Michigan human will carry out investigations and help rescue animals being mistreated. They also advocate for legislation that aims to further protect animals. 

Michigan Human will also respond to disasters to shelter animals who are forced out of home from storms, fire, etc. They also advocate against unnecessary surgery and cruel hunting practices. To learn more about what Michigan Humane stands for, check out their Mission and Goals.

Sleep Well Program

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In the past 13 years, has provided the Michigan Humane with over $500,000 in life-saving support. It has enabled MH to help those animals who are currently without a home or in an abusive or neglectful situation. From something as simple to free vaccinations through rescuing an animal directly in harm's way, the Michigan Humane is making a difference to hundreds of animals every single day. We're proud to be helping them execute their mission by providing funding that they so desperately need.

For more than 13 years, the support of has been instrumental in Michigan Humane's ability to expand our life-saving care services and programs. They have greatly enabled our mission work, our ability to help more animals in need, and improve the lives of our communities for our two and four-legged citizens alike.

Matt Pepper & Rocky | CEO, President - Michigan Humane

Cutest Sleeping Pet Contest

Our bi-annual "Cutest Sleeping Pet" contest has helped to raise thousands of dollars for Michigan Humane. Each time we hold this contest, we're overwhelmed by the number of people who participate, not only to show off their cute pets but also to help pets in need. In addition to the joy we get when we see all of the cute pictures of pets taking a snooze, we're very proud that we can help raise money for such a worthy cause. Keep your eyes open for our next contest!