Top 10 Serta Mattresses

We used our state-of-the-art pressure testing equipment, hundreds of customer reviews, and knowledge of mattress construction and materials to round up what we believe are the ten best Serta mattresses right now. We want to make it easy for you to pick the best Serta mattress to suit your needs! These Serta beds offer a great combination of pressure relief, support, and value.

1.) Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid Plush



  • Three layers of cooling
  • Micro coils provide advanced conforming support
  • Amazing pressure relief
  • Happy medium comfort level

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With a medium comfort scale rating of 5, this mattress is very versatile and will provide excellent support and pressure relief for any type of sleeper. With three layers of advanced cooling technology, you'll sleep deep without any overheating to disturb you. The extra layer of micro coils makes this a responsive and conforming bed that will keep you supported all night. These great features and high-quality memory foam in combination with the supportive hybrid system put the Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid Plush at the top of our list of Serta mattresses.

2.) Serta iComfort CF4000 Plush


  • Excellent pressure relief
  • Full cooling system
  • Great customer reviews

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For a softer feel, the iComfort CF4000 Plush is a luxuriously cool memory foam option that we love. It's a 7 on our comfort scale, which is quite soft without being too pillowy. It has the Ultra Cold System to keep you comfortable all night long and a good amount of pressure-relieving memory foam. This bed has great customer reviews which show how well it has been received.

3.) Serta Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep Medium 


  • Versatile medium comfort
  • Tests well for all sleeper types
  • Cooling cover
  • Handles for easy moving

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A true medium, this 5 on our comfort scale is a bed that provides great pressure relief and support for any type of sleeper. With great features like edge support and a cooling fabric cover, there is a ton of value packed into this mattress. The Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep Medium has great reviews from customers as well. And the handles make it super easy to move around!

4.) Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Congressional Suite Supreme Euro Pillow Top Double Sided


  • Flippable
  • Soft medium comfort
  • Durable, sturdy support
  • Good airflow for cooling

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The Congressional Suite Supreme Euro Pillow Top is on the softer side of a medium feel at a 6 on our comfort scale. If you like to flip your mattress over to a fresh side every once in a while, this hotel bed is a top-of-the-line option for doing so. The durable coil system and double-sided comfort layers make this a mattress to last. With breathable foams, you'll sleep comfortably without sweating.

5.) Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Plush Pillow Top


  • Top-notch pressure relief
  • Temperature regulation with cover and foams
  • Handles make it easy to move
  • Lots of good customer reviews

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The Renewed Night Plush Pillow Top mattress is part of Serta's new and improved Perfect Sleeper line, offering 40% more pressure relief than the previous version. This pillowy soft mattress is an 8 on our comfort scale and offers tons of pressure relief for back and side sleepers alike. Topped with naturally cooling fabric, you'll sleep cool at night. It's easy to move around with the four handles on the side. It's received tons of great customer reviews to check out as well.

6.) Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Extra Firm




  • Truly firm feel
  • Easy set up with handles
  • Cooling quilt cover
  • Responsive support

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The Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Extra Firm is a 2 on our comfort scale, so it's true to its name. If you love the firm feel, this bed will give you that without being uncomfortable thanks to the pressure-relieving memory foam and responsive individually wrapped coil system. With several other great features to love, this mattress packs in value.

7.) Serta Serene Sky Plush




  • Excellent value
  • Great pressure relief
  • Good customer reviews

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The Serene Sky Plush is a softer option that has some nice Serta foams to provide pressure relief. The individually wrapped coil system provides support that isn't stiff and reduces motion transfer. It has great value for a reasonable price and has received a number of positive reviews from customers.

8.) Serta iComfort Hybrid Quilted CF2000 Plush




  • Advanced support system
  • Cold touch cover and breathable foams keep you cool
  • Edge support
  • Medium neutral feel

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The iComfort Hybrid Quilted CF2000 Plush is a great pick for just about anyone with its neutral plush feel. It showed great pressure relief and support for all sleeper types in our testing with its high-quality foams and coil system. With a Cold Touch Cover to help you fall asleep faster and open cell memory foam to keep you cool throughout the night, this bed will help you achieve deeper sleep without costing you too much.

9.) Serta Perfect Sleeper Cozy Escape Firm




  • Comfortably firm
  • Handles for easier maneuvering
  • Edge support
  • Cooling cover

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The Cozy Escape Firm is a 3 on our comfort scale, so you'll get a firm feel without being overly stiff. It has some immediate cushioning for pressure relief followed by a supportive coil system. With CoolFeel Fabric in the quilt and foam specially designed for breathability, you won't get too stuffy at night. With edge support and convenient handles, this bed is a great option from Serta if you like a firmer feel.

10.) Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Chateau Plush Double Sided




  • Flippable
  • Neutral soft feel
  • Edge support
  • Cooling breathable foams

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A tad softer than a true medium, Serta's Hotel Chateau Plush Double Sided mattress is rated a 6 on our comfort scale. With great airflow, you won't find yourself getting so hot at night. It has plenty of pressure-relieving foams featured on both sides, and a sturdy support system. This bed is made to last and is a great option if you want a mattress you can flip over every once in a while.