The Politics of Sleep

Does Your Political Affiliation Impact Your Sleep Quality?

In a recent survey, we asked more than 200 consumers from across the country, "Which political party do you side with?" and "How well do you sleep at night?" We found that less than half of both Republicans and Democrats (49%) sleep well at night. Individuals registered as Independents experience a slightly higher rate of good sleep at 57%. Surprisingly, people who have no affiliation with a particular political party don't sleep well at all, with only 27% of respondents saying they regularly experience a good night of sleep. 

Percentage of consumers, by political party affiliation, who rated their sleep "great" or "good" on an average basis:
  • Democrat: 49%
  • Republican: 49%
  • Independent: 57%
  • Other/no political party affiliation: 27%

Commenting on the results, US-Mattress Chief Researcher Dongna Wang says, "Our new study indicates that having ties to a particular political party may positively impact the way people sleep, given that those we polled who are not affiliated with a political party experience a significantly lower rate of good rest." Offering more insight on the data, Wang says: 
"Most Democrats and Republicans in our sample live in suburban areas. Urban areas have the highest concentration of those without political affiliation, which could be one of the reasons why they are bad sleepers. This supports the findings of a previous survey which suggested that people who live in urban areas are less likely to experience good or great sleep."

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