Puffy Mattress Review

January 28, 2023

Likened to sleeping on a cloud, the Puffy has quickly become one of the most popular providers of some of the best mattresses in a box. Unlike most medium-firm mattresses, the Puffy’s luxuriously cushy top layer and supportive transition layers offer light-to-average weight side sleepers the give and support that they need.

Read on to learn more in this Puffy mattress review.

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Dimensions (L x W)


39” x 75”

Twin XL

39” x 80”


54” x 75”


60” x 80”


76” x 80”

California King

72” x 84”

The Puffy Mattress

The Puffy Mattress - An Overview

  • Material: Memory foam
  • Firmness: 7/10
  • MA Score: 9/10
  • Customer Rating:6/5
  • Trial Period: 101 nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty
  • Mattress Height: 10”

MA Score: The Mattress Advisor Score is a weighted score that takes into account 14 different factors related to the mattress’ performance, function, convenience and the brand’s social responsibility.

Puffy Mattress Features

Motion Isolation

Do you share your mattress with a pet or a loved one? If so, do you ever find yourself waking up as your partner moves around? It might be during the night as they reposition, or in the evening or morning if you sleep at different times.

When you share a mattress, you want one that absorbs motion, rather than spreading it to the far corners of the mattress. Traditional spring mattresses are known to readily transfer motion, while foam mattresses dampen the spread of motion over a mattress’s surface. The Puffy mattress is no exception.

As an all-foam mattress, the Puffy bed is able to isolate your movements. If you sleep with a partner, impeccable motion isolation can be the difference between a restful night’s sleep and a fragmented one. Over time, sleep deprivation can add up, with consequences spilling into the rest of your day. But with the Puffy mattress, you can sleep peacefully even as your partner shifts or gets out of bed.



Edge Support

When you purchase a mattress, you want every inch of its surface to be reliable and usable. But some mattresses lose their comfort or structure when near their perimeter. The value of a bed’s edges increases when you share your bed. Whether you enjoy sprawling out or your partner sneaks over their half, those last few inches can be the difference between relaxing slumber and territorial battles.

Edge support is a category in which many foam mattresses fall short. Some foams, particularly low-density foam, can cave in too much at the edges, leaving you sinking instead of comfortably snoozing. But not the Puffy. The Puffy’s edges perform just as well as many top-performing innerspring and hybrid mattresses, even though it’s 100% foam!

The impressive perimeter strength and structure is thanks to two things. The first is Puffy’s Insta-Firm technology in the supportive base layer. This foam is both supportive and responsive, helping to support your body when you’re near the edge. The second is the upper layer of cooling foam, a unique foam layer that has an impressive ability to grip the body when you’re sitting on the edge.


Have you ever noticed that some mattresses seem to move instantaneously with you, while others feel stiff and rigid? Certain high-density memory foams, for example, take time to respond to your body heat before they form to a new position. When a mattress doesn’t rapidly respond to your movements, it can leave you feeling trapped. For those who like to reposition a lot during the night, this interruption in movement can lead to chronically poor sleep.

Unlike many of its competitors, the Puffy mattress is incredibly responsive. You will feel the mattress immediately cradle your body when you lie down, and when you move, you won’t need to wait for the upper comfort layer to readjust.

Puffy’s proprietary foam technology adapts to new positions more quickly than other foam mattresses. Much of this responsiveness is thanks to its base layer of firm, supportive foam that was designed to offer adaptability unlike that of any other. This property makes Puffy one of the best memory foam mattresses for combination sleepers who like to reposition during the night.



Spine Alignment

Anyone who suffers from lower back pain understands the importance of proper spine support and alignment on a mattress. But it’s not only those with existing pain who benefit from a mattress that keeps their spine in the right alignment.

Just as it’s essential for overall health to maintain proper posture during the day, it’s important that your spine is kept in the correct alignment at night. The trouble is, you’re fast asleep and unable to influence your spine’s position during this time.

The best mattress for side sleepers is one that will allow your heavier parts to sink slightly, supporting the natural shape of your spine. That entails your hips and shoulders being cushioned so that your spine achieves a straight line from bottom to top. On your back, it requires your hips to melt into the mattress, maintaining the slight curvature of the spine.

The Puffy mattress is remarkably good at supporting the spine for lightweight to average-weight sleepers. This is particularly true for side and back sleepers. The upper comfort layer offers a soft cradle that lessens pressure at heavier points of the body, while the transition and lower layers deliver solid support.


When we snuggle under the covers at night, our body heat radiates and can become trapped in the top layer of a mattress. While many budget memory foam mattresses still sleep hot, most manufacturers have taken steps to encourage a cool night’s sleep. Puffy is no exception. The plush upper foam layer has cooling gel infused throughout, absorbing and dissipating body heat, rather than feeding it back to the sleeper.


Pressure Relief

The best mattress is one that evenly distributes your weight along the parts of the body that touch the mattress. An even weight distribution relieves excess pressure at any one point and encourages neutral spine alignment.

Side sleepers face the biggest challenge in relation to avoiding excess weight at pressure points. The hips and shoulders often bear extra weight, leading to pain and frequent repositioning during the night. The Puffy mattress has a top layer of low-density foam that envelops the hips and shoulders of side sleepers, relieving these troublesome pressure points. Similarly, the trunk of back sleepers gently dips in the plush layer before being supported by the middle transition foam layer. This body positioning evenly distributes weight across the body, reducing aches and pains.

For those who are extra-curvy, the give might not be adequately balanced by the underneath support layer. Those who weigh more than average may not have enough cushioning, or they could find the surface too soft with insufficient support.

Puffy Mattress Materials

Inside layers of the Puffy Mattress

The Puffy mattress is a 10” all-foam mattress made from three proprietary layers. Each layer is designed to contribute unique benefits, from plush comfort to adaptive support.

What’s Inside?

  1. Cooling Foam Top Layer: Along the top of the Puffy mattress is their patent-pending Cooling Cloud foam, a gel-infused memory foam. The plush foam cradles the body, thereby relieving pressure points and distributing the body’s weight. With cooling gel infused throughout, this top layer is designed to counteract memory foam’s tendency to sleep hot.

  2. ClimateComfort Transition Layer: The feel of memory foam beds is dependent upon the climate. In cool rooms, memory foam can feel stiff and firm, while in warm rooms the same foam can feel extremely plush. Puffy’s ClimateComfortTM memory foam was designed to act the same, no matter the temperature. This stability in feel means that you’ll experience the same contouring and support throughout the year. This transition layer is denser than the plush comfort layer, delivering both contouring and support.

  3. Firm Support Base Layer: Puffy’s bottom support layer is made from dense polyfoam with valuable properties not found in other memory foam mattresses. Not only does the polyfoam deliver reliable firm support, but it exhibits responsiveness unlike other high-density polyfoams. This supportive base foam is able to adapt to movements, resulting in a memory foam mattress that quickly adjusts to your movements. The feel is one of a plush and supportive memory foam, without a resistant sinking sensation.

Compatible Foundations

The Puffy mattress is a relatively thin 100% foam mattress. As such, it performs best when on a firm, solid foundation. Bed frames such as solid platforms, the floor, and slatted foundations with slats less than 4” apart are three of the best options. The Puffy works well with adjustable bases. It can be paired with a box spring, but be sure that the box spring doesn’t provide too much give or the feel of the mattress may be compromised.

Sleeping Positions Best for Puffy

Side Sleepers

There’s a reason Puffy is considered one of the best mattresses for side sleepers. Puffy’s upper comfort layer is extra-soft, making it possible for the hips and shoulders to comfortably settle in. This low-density memory foam layer is particularly valuable for lightweight side sleepers who can find most medium-firmness mattresses far too rigid.

Because this ultra-plush layer is just 2” with a medium-firm foam base, the body of a side sleeper is adequately supported. This leads to body weight being evenly distributed across the body, encouraging proper spine alignment, preventing sinkage, and reducing shoulder and hip pain.

Heavyweight side sleepers might find the comfort layer too thin and the lack of springs insufficiently supportive.



Back Sleepers

The same attributes that make the Puffy mattress an outstanding memory foam mattress for light side sleepers makes it a solid choice for light-to-average-weight back sleepers.

The upper layer of contouring memory foam supports the natural curvature of the spine, while the transitional and base foam layers deliver fantastic support. The feel for back sleepers is both plush and reliably supportive.

But back sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds can find the Puffy mattress overly soft. With too much give underneath extra-curvy regions, the lower back experiences an exaggerated curve. Heavier sleepers are better supported by latex or hybrid mattresses. 

Stomach Sleepers

Thanks to the Puffy’s pressure relieving, support foam layers it is suitable for stomach sleepers.

Stomach sleepers need assistance in preventing their spines from sinking down into the mattress as well as pressing too much weight on the hips and shoulders. The Puffy works to uplift the body and promote healthy spine alignment.



Combo Sleepers (Back, Stomach, and Side)

Combination sleepers are sleepers that use a combination of the above listed sleep positions. They often do well on a mattress that is medium-firm with a plush surface, just like that of the Puffy mattress. The reason for this is that a mattress must achieve acceptable pressure point relief for shoulders and hips while delivering adequate firmness for periods of time spent on the stomach. Too firm of a mattress can cause shoulder and hip pain, while too soft creates misalignment in the spine when sleeping on the stomach.

Another benefit of the Puffy mattress for combination sleepers is that it responds quickly to movements. When you switch from one position to another on the Puffy, the foam quickly forms to your new position, allowing you to continue sleeping soundly.

But if you spend most of your time on your stomach, the Puffy might not contribute the kind of firm surface that you need. This lack of support is especially troublesome for heavier stomach sleepers who need a firm mattress to keep the hips in line with the spine.

Pros and Cons of the Puffy Mattress


Great for side sleepers: Side sleepers need a mattress with a surface that is soft enough to cradle their hips and shoulders, eliminating excess pressure on them. Puffy’s surface is sufficiently plush, yielding a cloud-like feel beneficial for side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds.

Not good for heavier people: With only 4” of comfort layers atop the firm and supportive polyfoam base, sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds may find the Puffy both too plush and too firm if they hit the firm base layer.

101-night trial with free returns: It can be hard to buy a mattress without lying on it first. Puffy's 101-night sleep trial with full refunds and free returns gives you a chance to try the Puffy mattress without a financial risk.

Not ideal for stomach sleepers: The upper plush layer is so soft that stomach sleepers can experience their hips dipping too low. This can cause or exacerbate lower back pain.

Lifetime warranty: Very few mattresses offer a lifetime warranty. The Puffy mattress lifetime warranty demonstrated Puffy’s dedication to exceptional customer service and solid manufacturing.


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More About Puffy

Lifetime Warranty

Puffy offers a lifetime warranty with every mattress that guarantees the mattress as long as you own it. Such a long warranty is nearly unheard of for one of the best mattresses under $1,000 for a Queen. It demonstrates Puffy’s belief in the quality and longevity of their products. 



101-Night Sleep Trial

The first time you buy a new mattress online, it is natural to feel nervous. But with Puffy’s 101-night sleep trial, you have over three months to test out your new memory foam mattress. If you decide that it’s not the right fit, all you need to do is contact Puffy’s customer service. They will have a local charity or mattress recycling center pick up the old mattress and refund the full cost to you.

Made in the USA

Memory foam that is manufactured overseas is often made using toxic chemicals that are neither eco-friendly nor safe for your health. Puffy makes every part of their memory foam mattress right here in the United States. Not only does this protect you from dangerous chemicals, but it also helps to stimulate the local economy.



CertiPUR-US Certified

Not all memory foam is the same. One of the key distinctions is how the foam is made. Some foams contain toxic flame retardants and ozone depleters. Others release small compounds called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) determinantal to human health into the air. The foams in Puffy mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring that they meet high standards for their chemical composition, emissions, durability, and performance.

Removable Cover

Puffy mattresses are one of the few beds that have a removable cover. You can simply unzip the cover and wash it at home to keep your bed feeling fresh and clean. As a bonus, the cover is also stain resistant!


Social Impact

Puffy partners with charities across the United States and donates mattresses for homeless children in need.

Different Mattresses Sold by Puffy

Puffy Lux Mattress

The Puffy Lux is Puffy’s most popular mattress. With an additional 2” of high-density foam added underneath the upper cooling cloud foam layer, the Lux delivers a more luxurious plush feel. In comparison to the original Puffy mattress, the Lux offers enhanced contouring, truly hugging the body in a soft embrace.

The additional foam layer, known as their plush dual cloud foam, creates a mattress that performs even better than the original for side sleepers and those who weigh more than average. It also further dampens movements and prevents motion transfer, making it a good option for couples.

Great for:

  • Every weight of sleeper
  • Couples
  • Side sleepers
  • Combination sleepers
  • Back sleepers who like a more plush feel

Puffy Royal Mattress

The Puffy Royal Mattress is a high-end luxury memory foam mattress. With 5 layers of memory foam measuring 14” thick, the Royal is one of the thickest 100% foam beds available. The firmness level has  a plush medium feel, well-suited for side sleepers and back sleepers.

When compared to the original Puffy mattress, the Royal not only has two additional foam layers, but it also has zoned support. The additional layers of foam deliver a greater contouring hug than either the Puffy original or the Lux with enhanced cooling abilities. The zoned pressure support is incredibly valuable for side sleepers as it creates a surface where the heaviest points can melt in as weight is distributed to the lighter areas. You will feel almost weightless as you sink into this cloudlike mattress.

Great for:

  • Side sleepers

  • Back Sleepers

  • Those who sleep hot
  • Couples

Other Sleep Accessories Sold by Puffy

Puffy sells bedroom accessories designed to optimize your sleeping experience. We’ve outlined a few of our favorites below.

Puffy Mattress Protector

Puffy mattress protector 

Puffy Mattress FoundationPuffy mattress foundation

Puffy Pillow

Puffy pillow

Puffy Sheets

Puffy sheets 

The Puffy mattress protector is made with bamboo rayon fabric, a silky smooth fabric that allows ample airflow. It offers waterproof protection and a cool night’s sleep. The Puffy mattress foundation is a simple and sturdy metal foundation. With 14” of clearance, you can use the space underneath your bed for storage. The Puffy pillow is an adjustable memory foam pillow, giving you the freedom to find the right fill level for your body and sleeping position. With a bamboo rayon cover, the pillow sleeps cool and looks and feels luxurious. Puffy’s sheets are 100% bamboo, an eco-friendly fiber with a silky smooth feel. Bamboo sheets are some of the most breathable, keeping you cool and dry as you sleep.
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Puffu Mattress FAQ

  1. Can I finance my Puffy mattress?

    Puffy partners with Klarna so that their customers can choose to finance their new Puffy mattress. They offer 0% APR when paid off in the first 12 months.

  2. How does the 101-night sleep trial work?

    It’s simple to purchase your mattress through Puffy. Once you receive it, you have 101 nights to snuggle in and decide if you love it. In the rare instance that the Puffy doesn’t meet your needs, contact Puffy’s customer service. They will send a local charity or mattress recycler to your door and have the mattress removed. There are no fees, and you will receive a full refund.

  3. How does the lifetime warranty work?

    The Puffy lifetime warranty works just as other mattress warranties work, but for much longer! The warranty covers any workmanship or material defects, such as indents of over 1.5”.

  4. Can I wash my Puffy mattress cover?

    Yes! The Puffy mattress is one of the few mattresses with a cover that you can remove and wash at home. You will want to spot clean the mattress itself if there are any stains.

  5. How long does it take to receive the Puffy mattress?

    Puffy ships their products within 1-3 days of receiving an order. You can expect a FedEx delivery in roughly 2-5 business days.

  6. When can I start sleeping on my Puffy mattress?

    Your Puffy mattress will arrive compressed in a box. Before you can sleep on it, you want to give it time to fully expand. We recommend that you wait at least 48 hours before sleeping on your new mattress. You may also notice a slight odor, known as off-gassing, that happens with new foam mattresses. The odor will slowly dissipate, fully disappearing in around 3 days.

  7. Does the Puffy take time to break in?

    Memory foam mattresses need time to break in and achieve their final feel. Walking on it can expedite the process, as can sleeping on different parts of the mattress. Additionally, the body takes time to adjust to a new sleeping surface. It takes around 30 days for you and your new mattress to adjust to one another. Because of this, we recommend giving any new mattress at least 30 days before making a final judgement as to if it’s the right mattress for you.


The Puffy memory foam mattress has earned its spot as one of the top bed-in-a-box mattresses. Its medium-firm feel is cushioned with a top layer of ultra-soft memory foam, providing a surface where curvy body parts can comfortably sink in. It performs well when it comes to pressure relief and spine alignment, helping to reduce aches and pains and promote a good night’s sleep.

The proprietary foam layers in the Puffy mattress create a memory foam mattress that stands out. The bottom layer is designed to quickly adapt to body movements, making the Puffy a good choice for those who move around at night. It does a great job at isolating motion and keeping sleepers cool.

The original Puffy mattress is best for light-to-medium-weight sleepers. Heavier sleepers might find the support or comfort layers inadequate. The Puffy performs well for side sleepers, back sleepers, and combination sleepers. Those who spend the whole night on their stomachs could benefit from a firmer sleeping surface.

Every Puffy mattress comes with a 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty. With all of its sleep-promoting features and commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder the Puffy has quickly become a widely-known brand name mattress.

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