Restonic California King Size Mattresses


Restonic California King Size Mattresses

California King size Restonic mattresses are designed for extra tall individuals and couples who want a spacious innerspring mattress with exceptional back support. Restonic has been perfecting their innerspring designs for over half of a century, with innovations like Marvelous Middle technology that improves support to the center third of the mattress with the addition of extra coils. If you suffer from lower back pain and stiffness, a Restonic mattress may be your ticket to a new lease on life!

Cal King size mattresses trade four inches of width for an additional four inches of length in relation to a standard King. Even with four fewer inches width-wise, the Cal King is still a foot wider than a Queen and perfectly suitable for sharing. In actuality, the difference in width is not that notable between the King and Cal King sizes, though the extra four inches of length can make a big difference for taller folks whose feet might otherwise hang off the end of the bed.

Restonic's California King size mattresses are an especially good combination for big & tall people who suffer from back issues. With their Marvelous Middle technology reinforcing the lumbar area, sleep posture and mattress support are greatly enhanced. Restonic also boasts very affordable prices on all of their mattress models, so there is no excuse for sleeping on a mattress that is too small.

  • Award-winning company
  • 15-year warranty standard
  • The Cal King size measures 72 by 84 inches
  • 4 inches narrower and 4 inches longer than a standard King
  • Made for extra tall individuals and couples
  • Marvelous Middle technology provides exceptional lower back support

With dozens of Restonic mattresses available in the Cal King size, you are sure to find one that works well for how you sleep. Restonic mattresses cover a good range of comforts from firm to soft, so no matter your preferences as an individual or a couple, you can find a good match.