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Restonic is a worldwide brand that has been offering high-quality mattresses since 1938. Their beds are handmade by quality craftspeople with an eye on luxury and comfort. Recently, Restonic has partnered with Drew and Johnathan Scott of television fame to offer the new collection, Scott Living. Scott Living Mattresses are a reflection of Drew and Jonathan Scott’s personal style, inspired by what they hold dear: home, family, and a commitment to quality. Using the finest materials and patented construction, Scott Living mattresses are assembled by hand, investing hours of craftsmanship into each one.

Great quality and handmade luxury are what you get from a new Restonic mattress. Backed by a non-prorated warranty and over 80 years of industry experience, a Restonic mattress is an excellent choice for your new bed. Consider the mattresses listed below and if you need more help you can call us at 800-455-1052 or click on the chat link on the bottom right.


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About Restonic Mattresses

Since 1938, Restonic has been manufacturing better sleep for its customers. This award winning company believes that a good night's sleep is not a privilege, but a right. For over 75 years, Restonic has been a major player in the mattress industry, creating technologies like their signature "Marvelous Middle" that reinforces the center third of mattresses to provide enhanced support to the lower back where you need it most. This design has been copied and attempted by competitors, but Restonic hasn't felt the pressure with their commitment to quality. This is a company that takes great pride in using higher quality materials and a greater attention to detail when crafting their mattresses, so you can be confident you are getting a great value when buying from Restonic.