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While much of what determines your mattress choice is your level of comfort, much of what determines your comfort depends on your support. If you don't feel supported when you sleep, you may need a firmer mattress. Firm mattresses prevent you from sinking, yet they still provide some cushioning so that you're not sleeping on a brick. Sealy makes a number of quality, firm mattresses to keep you supported all night. With a Comfort Scale rating of 3-4, these mattresses have enough padding to keep your pressure points, like your hips and shoulders, comfortable as you sleep. At the same time, they are firm enough to provide an even plane so that no part of your body is significantly lower than any other part. This ensures that everything remains evenly supported.

Ultimately, your choice of a mattress depends on your comfort. If a firm mattress just doesn't do it for you, try a Sealy mattress that is slightly firmer or softer to see which does a better job of keeping you both comfortable and supported the entire night. Regardless of which is more comfortable, remember that you'll find quality products for all your sleeping needs at US-Mattress!