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About Sealy Plush Mattresses

A plush mattress is a perfect comfort in between a pillow-top mattress and a firm mattress. It gives you lots of great support with a good deal of cushioning on top so that it conforms to the shape of your body. The Comfort Scale for a Sealy mattress -- and really, for most mattresses -- depends on the cushioning on the top of the mattress. Most companies make their mattresses with the same or similar support systems, so no matter what you think is the most comfortable, you should get the same support from all of them.

In the end, the mattress you choose should be the one that is the most comfortable for you. A Sealy plush mattress is a good choice because it provides a middle ground for many sleepers -- so if you and your partner have different sleeping styles, this is a great decision. US-Mattress offers the widest variety and best prices on Sealy mattresses, so make sure you get the best deal possible by shopping at our store.