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Serta Pillow and Euro Top mattresses are great for those who enjoy an extra layer of padding on their sleeping surface. Many people immediately think "soft" when they hear the term "pillow top," but that is only partially true. Pillow Top and Euro Top mattresses are actually so called because the design of the mattress, not its comfort. These mattresses add an external padding layer right on top to fine-tune comfort. This layer can be used to make a soft mattress even softer, give a mid-range comfort more contouring, or just take the edge off of a very firm mattress. Serta offers Pillow/Euro Top mattresses in a range of comforts from soft to medium-firm to suit virtually any need. They also come in a wide range of price points.

Pillow Top mattresses work well for several types of sleepers: some just like the feel of that extra padding layer on top, others need firm back support but still like the soft initial feel of a Pillow Top, and Pillow Tops can also be great for couples who want to compromise between firm and soft. Whatever your situation, US-Mattress has a large selection of high-quality Serta Pillow and Euro Top mattresses for the best prices available anywhere. Shop now and save!