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Plush mattresses from Serta provide good body contouring with effective underlying support at affordable price points. As the #1 mattress manufacturer in America, you can expect all of Serta's mattresses to provide good value.

Whether you want to go with a top-of-the-line Perfect Sleeper, or save with an entry-level Sleep True, Serta has a Plush model perfect for you.

A lot of people automatically think "soft" when they see the word "plush," but in fact, Plush mattresses are so named because of their giving surface rather than actual softness.

Plush mattresses are designed to provide good contouring, meaning when you lie down, you're going to sink into the comfort materials. This generally means a "softer" Comfort Scale rating, but you can also find Plush mattresses with medium-firm comforts.

For these reasons, Plush mattresses tend to work well for most sleeping types, though side sleepers will usually prefer something in the softer range of plush mattresses and stomach sleepers should be wary of sinking in too much.

If a mid-range Plush mattress is right for you, and you're looking to get a good value for your money, shop our great selection of Serta Plush mattresses. We have the best prices available anywhere, online or in-store.