Shopping for a Budget or Discount Mattress

Updated December 28, 2021

A budget mattress is one when the price remains lower than most other models at all times. Just because it is a cheap mattress, does not mean it isn't a quality mattress, they usually just have fewer quality materials in them, if any at all. If you're shopping for a budget mattress it's very important to know the quality of if the type of mattress you're considering.

Have you ever been driving and come to an intersection where there's a sign that claims 'Queen Pillow Top Mattress $200'? The sign is handwritten and has a phone number on it, nothing more. That's a huge warning sign that the quality you're considering is not only questionable but so is the legality of the transaction! You can get brand-new mattresses that are high-quality without sacrificing comfort.

So, as a baseline, let's assume that a budget Queen mattress sells for around $300. Now, that sounds like a really cheap mattress price, but how good can a mattress be if it's that affordable? Very good, in fact. A couple of mattress companies offer mattresses at very affordable prices that are designed to meet the need of the budget consumer.

Ashley Furniture makes mattresses that ship quickly and is very affordable. Quite a few of their models are under $300 for a Queen-sized mattress. Another mattress company that sells budget beds is Classic Brands. They ship quickly as well and offer very affordable prices on all of their mattresses.

Alternative Shopping Options

Another way to get the most out of a budget mattress is to shop for clearance departments. Many times the mattresses are perfectly fine but they may have gotten a dirt smudge from the bag opening in transit. The US-Mattress clearance items all come with a 3-year warranty to protect your purchase. Sometimes, you can get a much higher quality mattress for far less than the retail price.

If you need more information or some help choosing a budget mattress you can reach our bedding experts at 800-455-1052. They're ready to help you get your best comfort!

How to Shop for a Discounted Mattress

A discounted mattress is one where you get a much lower price than what is standard for that model. This is different than a budget mattress in that discounted mattresses can be very expensive, but sometimes are affordable. Budget mattresses are always priced at a more affordable cost than a discounted one.

There are several things that you can search for online to find a good discount on a mattress. The first topic you can search for is 'mattress sales'. The results will show many companies offering lower costs on higher-quality bedding. Another term to search would be 'mattress coupons'. With the prevalence of internet coupon search bots, you can find a great deal.

One more way to get the best discount on some of the best mattress brands would be to shop during specific holidays. Several holidays throughout the year are when all mattress stores run special sales and discounts. Online mattress stores will also provide great price tags to help you save money. It's worth noting that the sales don't usually happen on just the holiday, they typically run for an entire week or longer!

  • President's Day - Mid-February
  • Memorial Day - Late May
  • Independence Day - July 4th
  • Labor Day - Early September
  • Black Friday - The Friday immediately following Thanksgiving (USA)
  • Cyber Monday - The Monday following Black Friday (usually reserved for internet retailers)
  • December 26th - When some retailers liquidate unsold holiday inventory

We know that it can be hard to find the best budget mattress. Click the link below to view some of our best cheap mattresses with a price range of $0-$500.

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Need More Help?

You can search our sale section to find our current discounted mattresses. For further assistance feel free to contact our bedding experts at 800-455-1052, or open a chat with one of them. They'd be happy to help you find your best comfort while saving you money.

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