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Why is a Sleep Schedule Important?

The main key to getting good quality sleep is to maintain a sleep schedule. Set a schedule that you keep every night, even on weekends. By going to bed at the same time every night you'll train your brain to start getting sleepy at a specific time. Over time it becomes easier and more reliable to fall asleep and stay asleep for an appropriate amount of time.

This will also help with getting you out of bed in the morning, as well. With your brain trained you will also wake feeling more refreshed and you won't have to hit that snooze button ten times before rising.

When you follow a sleep schedule, it's also helpful to your circadian rhythm, which acts like your body's internal clock. It tells us when it's time to go to bed and when it's time to wake up, based on our perception of blue light. So, if you make it a habit to go to bed relatively early (when it's dark), you'll be ready to wake up with the sun. You'll get the amount of sleep you need to restore your mind and body to their full potential.

How Do I Create a Better Sleep Environment?

Creating a sleep environment that aids you in falling asleep faster and staying asleep is crucial. It's the next essential factor in achieving quality sleep. As you begin to fall asleep, your body temperature drops. When your room is too hot, your body has a harder time reaching the temperature it seeks for sleep. Experts have determined that the ideal room temperature for quality sleep is 60-67°F. For more information, check out our page on how to keep a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Your room should also be free from noise that can keep you awake. Noises as quiet as 40dB (the noise level of a quiet library) can keep you from getting to sleep. But as with room temperature, everyone has a preference. What one person considers noisy isn't necessarily the same for someone else.

Establish what level of noise you're comfortable with, and do your best to maintain that level wherever you sleep. With that being said, certain sounds such as thunderstorms, crickets, classical music, etc. can soothe many people to sleep.

Sleep Products

As you seek to get the best sleep, don't underestimate the importance of the products you use. Every person has an individual idea of comfort, so you should carefully assess these sleep essentials as you strive to get the best sleep. What kind of sleeper are you? When you know the way in which you sleep, you can find the best sleeping equipment.

'Equipment' seems like an odd word to use when speaking of sleep, but it's an appropriate one. An athlete wouldn't compete in uncomfortable shoes. A painter wouldn't use a bad brush. Think of your sleep products like equipment, and seek out the items that suit you the best.


Simmons Beautyrest Silver Level 1 BRS900 Extra Firm

Do you prefer to sink into a super cushy bed and to let the bed cradle you off to dreamland? Or do you want a firm pillow top that gives you great support with a little cushioning? Whether you are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, you will want a mattress that adapts to your pressure points. Your mattress is the primary source of comfort from your bed as a whole. The best bed for you is the one that you get the most support and the best comfort from.

Whether you prefer soft or firm, we carry a variety of mattresses and mattress brands to fit your needs. We carry every type of mattress such as innerspring, memory foam mattresses, and more. Remember that a luxury mattress does not have to break the bank, you can achieve a good night's sleep and save your money.

The US-Mattress 1-2-3 Method makes it easy for you to find the right bed that will give you the best sleep. Take a look at our mattress experts' recommendations if you want to get an idea of what mattress will work best with your sleeping style.

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If you've ever spent a night on an uncomfortable pillow, then you know how important it is to sleep with the one you like. But did you know that you can buy pillows that are specifically designed for the way you sleep? Back, side, and stomach sleepers all require different levels of neck support. Find out what kind of pillow is best for your sleeping style, and shop from there.

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How comfortable are your sheets? You'll want to sleep on something soft and comfortable to get the best sleep, so take the time to decide what you want in a sheet set. People often don't put enough consideration into buying sheets. They often buy a cheap sheet set, giving more consideration to the bedroom's décor than to its comfort.

While you may be tempted to save money on bargain sheets, you should reconsider. Without the right bedding, you won't experience the full comfort potential of your bed. Remember that your body only touches whatever is on top of the mattress. With quality sheets, you'll get a better comfort experience from your bed.

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Following these tips, you should have no problem achieving quality sleep. We carry everything to fit your comfort and style needs. Call them at 1-800-455-1052 or click on the Live Chat button below to talk with one of our experts now for further advice.

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